Thursday, February 26, 2009

Save the Date for Sis. Beck

{You should hopefully start seeing these posters out this Sunday...}

Sis. Beck is coming to the Springs! Woohoo! You've got to love that lady. She tells it like it is, not how you think you'd like it to be. Dan and I used to have a "discussion" frequently, after pretty much every conference, that would go something like this:
DAN: "All us guys ever hear from leaders of the church is, 'What's the matter with you? You must do better. Stop looking at pornography, Honor your priesthood more, Be more dedicated to your calling, Treat your wives better, Stop beating your kids' and stuff like that. But all they ever tell the women is: 'Sisters you are wonderful! You are the nurturers of the world. Keep being wonderful...wonderful mothers, wonderful wives, wonderful Sisters in the Gospel. We love you!' What is up with that?!?"

ME: "Well, I think they tell us what we need to hear. Guys tend to be a little on the cocky side, and think they're right on track...when really, they might need a little 'adjusting'. They have to be bold with the men, so they'll get it. The Sisters on the other hand are generally already SO hard on themselves, and think they're doing a terrible job. For the most part, they need to be lifted up and reminded that they ARE doing good things, and that the Lord IS pleased with them.."

That is what I would say...but I would still think that sometimes, we need to hear that we CAN do more. That is why I LOVE Sister Beck. She's not afraid to tell the sisters that yeah, you're great, but there's still MORE to do! Of course, she gets some flack for stepping out of the "consoling" norm, but it's what we NEED to hear - and I love her for it! Can't wait to see her in person in April!


The Goulds said...

I LOVE her!!! And for the same reason you do. She is so powerful. I wish so much I could be there to see her & hear her talk!!! I will be waiting for a post with the notes in it :)

Sally said...

I think you are right on with your analysis of why the men and women get different messages at conf.

Or it may just be that the women are better. Ah. That's probably it.

Tamzen said...

I agree! She is fabulous! She says it like it is, and there's nothing wrong with that. We obviously needed a leader like her or she wouldn't have been called to the position that she is in.

Joyana said...

i love her!!!!! thanks for the info - we all need to go :)