Monday, December 15, 2008

nothing better than the love of a sister

Let me just give a little shout out for my awesome, incredible, loving, amazing, wonderful sister who took care of my children, and hers - while we were away in Mexico. I LOVE that girl! She flew to my house with her 2 year old daughter, bathed, fed, entertained, read books to, brushed teeth for, snuggled to sleep, kept the schedule for, broke up fights between, and most importantly, kept alive, my 3 little munchkins. She even wrote a talk for Bella to give in primary, and yes, she sat through Sacrament meeting with four kids under 5, by herself, and has lived to tell about it! My kids think she is the COOLEST, because she also took them out for lots of fun adventures at Mr. Biggs and rollerskating, etc., And, she did all of this, without complaining one bit. She's the type of person that will do anything she can to help out someone she loves, and I just feel so lucky that I am one of those people! Gracias Lia!!!!! (oh, and she's single and sooo cute - so if you know any handsome, single, amazing single LDS guys - send them her way!)

*my camera is broken (huge bummer. thus no thanksgiving pics or cancun pics on the site yet -- but hopefully soon)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bella's Thanksgiving Poem

Whew! I have LOTS to catch up on! But I'll post this poem for starters.
We just got back into town yesterday afternoon, and for some reason, Bella is convinced that she MUST bring a travel log of her Thanksgiving Vacation to school today - in POEM format.

me: A poem, really? You're teacher told you to write a poem about your vacation?
bella: Yes Mom! (roll of the eyes) Really! We have to, I'm supposed to. Jackson's mom wrote a note last time. And I get to read it before I get on the bus! What will I read before the bus if you don't write something, Mom!?

So here we are. I'm really not sure why - and I know that was NOT the assigned homework - but when Bella is convinced, Bella is convinced. So, here you go Mrs. Jolstad!

Thanksgiving Break
By Bella (& Cumorah) McOmber

For this Thanksgiving
We traveled by air
To California,
To meet the Hunt family there.

Nana and Bapa,
Cousins, uncles and aunts,
Met in Pico Rivera
To party, play, and dance.

Great-Grandma Zena
Was turning ninety,
So we gathered together –
The celebration was “finey”.

We stopped at Disneyland,
The beach, and the L.A. Zoo.
We made a feast for Thanksgiving
And shopped a lot too.

In Valencia we took Daisy and Ivy
Outside for a walk,
Then sat by the fish pond
As we ate and talked.

We went bowling next
With all of the crew.
Nana almost bowled a turkey,
And even Calvin scored a few.

The Sedighis invited us
For a Persian meal,
Nothing was spared –
They served us with zeal!

Seeing family is great
We had a fun time,
But now we’re glad to be home
And are done with this rhyme!
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
I'll post pictures with a few more details (without rhyming!) shortly.