Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Manager

A couple of weeks ago, Azure hired a manager. We're not sure for what. But that manager runs her life! He calls her about every 30 minutes (more when it's bedtime), and instructs her on what to do with her life. He'll call her to tell her to take a bubble bath, to eat some ice cream, to tell her she can stay up for 30 more minutes, etc. etc.
She carries around a phone, waiting for his calls, and then out of the blue will say, "Oh, it's my manager. Just one minute." Then she'll walk in another room, have a full, but one sided conversation, and then come back in and announce his latest instructions.
We asked her why she needs a manger when she already has a Mom & Dad, and she said..."because he tells me what I want."
My little girl is becoming a woman.


Rachael Jill said...

That is the funniest thing. She will be famous someday. She is just practicing.

ang said...

i was really laughing out loud on that one! too funny!!

Berly said...

That cracks me up!! So funny. She is hilarious. Also - congrats again. Finally looked at blogs and I am so excited for you and your family.

Rachel. said...

One more reason why I really, really love Azure.