Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Party Continues

Because I rarely check my mail - we just got Nana & Bapa's package today - but Calvin was pleased as punch to have another birthday. Nana might spoil her grandbabies every once in awhile - but that's what Nanas are for, right?
If Calvin could really talk he'd say, "Thanks for all the loot, dudes!" It began with an adorable "talking" puppy card.

Cal is one of the only little boys I know who gets genuinely excited about new clothes.

Luckily, he's even more excited by new cars.

He was a little nervous about the stalking, roaring dinosaur at first, but quickly warmed up to it. He's letting out a roar that would rival any dino fan in the last pic.

Azure didn't want the other "little guy" dinosaurs to be left out.

And best of all {at least in Az's book} a Valentine gift for all the kiddos - M2! Woohoo!
Thanks for everything Nana & Bapa!


ang said...

how fun! the kids always manage to get a few days of birthday. happy birthday to the little cutie!

paulak said...

That kid has got one great smile.