Monday, February 16, 2009

A little music note

Just a note on the music in my playlist.
I often tell people about my oldest brother in LA, who is a lawyer by day, rockstar by night. The first song on my playlist: North, is one of his songs. He's the lead singer of the band Policy. If you want to hear more from him and the band, click on
Everything else is just random stuff that I love. You'll quickly notice that I love folk music. I can appreciate just about every type of music (sorry, rap excluded) but my heart belongs to folk. It's what I grew up with (well, that and Weird Al, but I've let him go over the years...).

My rockstar brother looking uncharacteristically non-rockstarish with his cute wife Pegah, holding my forever messy little boy at Disneyland over Thanksgiving


daveanddebbie said...

I like it!! Your brother is really good! I love the whole lawyer by day, rockstar by night thing-it cracks me up! I enjoyed cheking out your playlist. I've never really listened to folk music, but I liked it! Do you folk dance too?

Rachel. said...

hy's even almost smiling in the picture. remarkable. (sort of kidding) this is a great picture though.