Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I LOVE Halloween! I love getting all dressed up; I love seeing my kids' excitement; I love all the parties, the dances, and I love how it brings people together. I'm also a big fan of candy...so that's a plus too! This year, I let everyone choose what they wanted to be instead of trying to do dress up as a family theme - we all had such a fun time!
Bella the Witch

Batgirl Azure

Batman Calvin
(he refused to wear the tiger outfit I got for him)

Emmett the Tiger

Dan & I with Disco Fever

The whole fam at the Wolf Ranch Haunted House

Showing off their spoils...

And one more of Emmett - just because he looks so precious on his 1st Halloween!
Dan stayed home with sick little Azure, so just Cal, Bella and I went with Lia & Eden to the family dance at the girls' school. We had a blast! Bella was too busy chasing after boys to hold still for a picture, but I got to do lots of dancing with Calvin to Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers tunes - it was great!
Me & Cal
Calvin's first slow dance with a girl! (That's our sweet little neighbor Mary)

Batman & Spiderman (Cousin Jake) just chillin' after a long night of dancing