Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Baby Cal

My sweet little boy turned 2 yesterday. It's already been a journey - but it really has gone fast!

He was born 5 weeks early. My water broke at home in the middle of the night (after a night of dancing the cha cha at a church activity), we arrived at the hospital and he was born 20 minutes later. No time for an epideral, although no one would really tell me that.
They just kept saying, "the doctor is on his way." To which I would reply "I don't need the doctor! I need the medicine!" The doctor didn't make it. Calvin was delivered by a nurse...but was in good hands. They wisked him away to the NICU immediately. I didn't even see him for a couple hours. The above picture is what he looked like when I first saw him. It was difficult to describe him to family when they asked things like, Does he have hair? Who does he look like? We weren't allowed to hold him until he was 2 days old. But he is definitely worth all the trouble!

He was on oxygen for 2 months. But check out those beautiful lips!

I took him off the oxygen for a minute for a quick announcement photo shoot. His big sisters just LOVED him!

Lots of family came out for his blessing, including Nana & Bapa, Lia & Eden, Rachel, and Matt & Jenni and boys

Cal's first birthday ended in a mess. But that was nothing new for him!

He looks a little like my Grandpa Hunt here (who I adore) so it's one of my favorite pics.

Cal had his second surgery for hernias when he was 9 months old. (first was at one month)

Because he had massive reflux problems, and hernias - he never liked being on his stomach. It's no wonder that he chose to "scoot" on his behind for months before he took an interest in crawling. We took this video when he had just started crawling - so it's a mix of both scooting, crawling, and chasing after his beloved "ni-nights").

One thing I LOVE about Calvin, is that he is always smiling - and he has a HUGE smile! Oh. He just melts me! This was on my birthday last year -- and that smile was the only gift I needed!

Swinging with the girls in our backyard. He always wants to keep up with them, no matter what.

Hiking with big sister Az.

Enjoying a sausage during the 4th of July breakfast.

My little (2 year old!) sweetie. It's so fun to watch him grow, and learn, and listen to him describe the world around him - in his cute little language. There are two essential words, though, that he refuses to say. #1. "Yes". He will say "Sie" but not yes, or yeah, or yep, or any form of yes. So now, I've resorted to asking, "sie or no?" #2. His own name. When people ask him what his name is, he is either dead silent, or will say, "Azi". Close. But not quite. But, those cute little things just make us love him more! Happy Birthday Cutie!


Joyana said...

happy birthday buddy! what a strong soul you have - your mommy and daddy to. what a blessing that you have come so far!

Jen and Kent said...

We love you Calvin!! He does have a gorgeous smile and is always so quick to give out those yummy hugs. What a sweet addition he is to your cute family