Monday, August 24, 2009

First & K

Bella did NOT want us to take her to school on the first day.
She wanted to ride the bus with her friends.
Lydia, Bella, Kyle & Justin -
Just a few of the neighborhood friends that my kids played with all day every day this summer

Azure - lined up and ready for class in the dress she picked out with Grammy.

Someone already thinks she's too cool for school

Well the day has come. My sweet little baby Bella is in school all day long!!! I can't even believe it. Everyone who's already raised kids tells you to cherish every minute because they grow up soooo fast - and while I'm in the near-zombified state of new-baby-ness - each day and night seems to drag on soooo long, that I would heartily disagree. But then I look at my "older" kiddies and all they are accomplishing, and think, "It's true! It's so true!"
These pics are from the first day of school. Bless my AMAZING neighbors who fought to get our bus stop back! I really need my girls to be able to ride the bus this year. Az is only half day, so she gets to ride home on the bus, while Bella loves to be able to ride it to and from school.
Bella had a good first day, except that she had to eat lunch alone at the "Peanut Table" since she had a pb&j for lunch. I had no idea my kid would be singled out for what she packed in her lunchbox. I felt terrible! Now we know, and turkey & cheese it is! She likes her teacher and is excited for everything being a first grader has to offer!
Azure was very, very ready to start school - and she's in a class with three of her great little friends - so she wasn't nervous one bit. We were hugging her and telling her goodbye and she just waved and said, "Yeah, ok. I'll see you later..." and was ready to rock & roll. Mrs. J is in for some laughs - there is never a dull moment with that girl around!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Emmett Alan

Baby Emmett is finally here!
Quick info:
I didn't end up having to be induced. I went into labor myself around 4am the morning that I was scheduled to be induced three and a half hours later. (Friday Aug. 14th) I woke Dan up around 4:40, took a quick shower, called Jen who was here in record time, and checked into the hospital around 5am. Luckily the anesthesiologist was already at the hospital for another patient, so he was able to come in and do my epidural right away. Unfortunately, he had to do it twice (yipes! my back still hurts from that) but it was soooo worth it. This was by far the best delivery I have had. Virtually pain-free, and fast. I pushed three times, and Emmett was out and crying by 8:50am. He's my biggest baby, weighing in at 8 pounds and 5 ounces, and is such a little cutie. (I'm totally unbiased, of course.) I think he looks like a chubby Azure, with Calvin's mouth...but lots of people say they think he looks like Dan...we'll see.
The kids absolutely adore him. They fight over holding him, and Bella has been teary eyed several times because she will miss him while she's at school.
Thanks to all for your love and prayers! We're so glad he's here. Now the real fun begins!