Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bendaroos defined.

I've had a few people wondering what on earth Bendaroos are, from the Informercials post. So, for those of you who have never heard : "Bend a what?! Bend a who?! ... Bendaroos!!!" this is for you. They're basically colored wax sticks that you can bend to create any shape or thing you can imagine. Not a terrible idea, but not something I feel the need to spend money on right now! :)
{And Ang - we die laughing at the sham-wow commercials. why does that guy need a telemarketing head set on when he's filming a commercial? Dan actually saw some at Walmart the other day...I'm surprised one of them didn't find it's way home in his basket...maybe someday!}


Barry and Shannon said...

my kids always ask for those too. i must admit that i'm amazed by the sham-wow and have also wondered about the headset myself.

ang said...

always go with the telemarketing headset if you want to look extra official