Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meg & Carter's Wedding

I had prepped and planned, ordered everything, arranged flowers, made wreaths, planted trees & flowers, scrubbed vases, secured tables & seating, made a map with the layout of food, candy, cake, gift and guest tables, found the photographer & the DJ, and everything else that goes in to planning a wedding reception at your home {including cleaning every single nook and cranny inside ~ on the off chance that the party needed to be moved indoors.} As luck would have it, May 22nd ended up being one of the windiest days of the year. Vases were crashing, tablecloths flying away in the wind, and not a single one of those little pinwheels could stand up against the {I think} 40mph wind that day.
We flew into plan B mode, brought all the food and most of the tables inside, did without the majority of the decor I spent so much time putting together, and had ourselves a great party. The food {made mostly by Debbie} was wonderful, the cake was beautiful, and the company couldn't have been better. It wasn't exactly what we had planned ~ but it still turned out to be a lovely, and lively evening!

We had lots of great help. Uncle Dave & Tamzen served the stromboli Emily made. Megan V. did whatever needed to be done, Annie & Carolyn helped with food prep, and Jen & Nan helped me all day to try and set up the decor {that blasted wind!}.

The wind finally started letting up around 8pm or so, and we headed out to get our groove on! That's when the party really got started! A great end to a stressful, exciting, beautiful, never forget it day! Congratulations Meg & Carter!