Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I LOVE Halloween! I love getting all dressed up; I love seeing my kids' excitement; I love all the parties, the dances, and I love how it brings people together. I'm also a big fan of candy...so that's a plus too! This year, I let everyone choose what they wanted to be instead of trying to do dress up as a family theme - we all had such a fun time!
Bella the Witch

Batgirl Azure

Batman Calvin
(he refused to wear the tiger outfit I got for him)

Emmett the Tiger

Dan & I with Disco Fever

The whole fam at the Wolf Ranch Haunted House

Showing off their spoils...

And one more of Emmett - just because he looks so precious on his 1st Halloween!
Dan stayed home with sick little Azure, so just Cal, Bella and I went with Lia & Eden to the family dance at the girls' school. We had a blast! Bella was too busy chasing after boys to hold still for a picture, but I got to do lots of dancing with Calvin to Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers tunes - it was great!
Me & Cal
Calvin's first slow dance with a girl! (That's our sweet little neighbor Mary)

Batman & Spiderman (Cousin Jake) just chillin' after a long night of dancing

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sweet Husband

So I had a conversation with my sister and one of our YSA's on Sunday about couples that we would love to be like someday. We realized that we are all secretly jealous of those ladies who have husbands who refer to them as "my Sweet Wife", and who call them things like Sweetheart, My Love, Dear, Sugar-Pie, Honey-Bun, etc. etc. We are also jealous of those same ladies who's husbands don't mind a good "in public" cuddle, and who's husbands reach for their wife's hand to hold for no other reason than that he likes the warmth of her hand in his.
I am in no way resentful of my hubbie, who does, nearly always refer to me as "Babe." And I love that. If I ever hear him call me Cumorah - it's generally because something is wrong, or I'm down in the basement and I haven't heard him calling for Babe the last three times.
He is, however, not a hand-holder, or publicly affectionate ...which truthfully, were never things that made the several Qualities I want in a Husband lists that I slaved over as a Laurel. In the grand scheme of all the things that are WONDERFUL about him, I know I am a lucky, lucky woman and shouldn't wish for more. But of course...that's human nature right. Give me MORE!!!
So here comes the experiment. I decided during this conversation with Lia and Ashley, that from here on out - when I talk to people about Dan - I will refer to him as "My Sweet Husband" - and I will reach for his hand, and I will give him a good cuddle in public...and I will love it. He may not love it quite as much as me...but at least he will know that I adore him - at all times - even when we're not in the comfort of our own home. And maybe, just maybe, those things will rub off on him, and there will come a day when people will look at us, that cute little grey-haired couple , holding hands as they amble down the hall at church (or along the beach), and wish that they could someday have a relationship like that.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Lonely Skeleton

While Azure was home from school last week with H1N1, I worked with her on her first book. She wrote the story (well, she told me the story & I wrote it down), she drew the pictures, and I just finished putting it together. Of course, I think it's super cute, and I'm sooooo proud of her! If you click on the picture below, you should be able to read it all. Enjoy! Just realized that you can't really read the story from the picture of the pages...so here's the text:
Once upon a time
there was a little skeleton
who was really lonely.
He was sitting outside
by himself one day,
when a family (who was
on a walk) came by his tunnel.
The two little girls, Azure and Bella, asked him why he was so sad.
“I’m all alone.” he said.
They asked their mom if he could come home with them to play.
“Sure.” said the mom. “We’d love to have Skeleton come play!”
Skeleton was so happy!
He stayed at their house for 2 whole days!
He ate a lot of juice and food.
It was the juice and food
for Bella’s lunch.
The mom said:
“Now we have to go shopping!
There is no more
food and juice for lunch!”
The mom took Skeleton, Azure,
Bella, Calvin and baby Emmett
to the store
to buy more food and juice.
Everyone got to pick out their
favorite things.
Bella picked honey and butter sandwiches. Azure picked donuts and cookies. Calvin picked pizza. Baby Emmett picked milk (because that's all he eats). And Skeleton picked a huge, long sandwich with pickles on it.
They had enough food
for a big feast.
So they had one!
They invited all of their friends,
and Skeleton invited
all the monsters he knew.
A zombie mom, a three eye-balled head monster, a trash monster,
a giant green monster,
and a towel monster
all came to the feast.
They ate the honey & butter
sandwiches, the donuts & cookies, the pizza, the milk and the huge long sandwich with pickles on it.
And they danced,
and laughed, and
Skeleton wasn’t lonely anymore,
Now we have to go shopping AGAIN!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Becki's Parable

My friend Becki - who is the AMAZING mother to 6 gorgeous kids, posted this beautiful, simple and perspective changing experience on her blog...I loved it so much - I thought I'd share it with you.
The other day I was coveting my neighbors lawn,which is the most PERFECT patch of grass I have ever seen.Maybe it has something to do with him mowing it every other day, using scissors to trim the strays, fertilizing it weekly and observing it each night.(mind you he is a retired gentleman).I thought, "Why the heck does my grass look all splotchy and not perfect like his?"So I walked on over and said, "Tell me your secret, how, how, HOW do you do it?"
He smiled at me and said, "I am raising grass, you are raising children."
I thought, he is right.
For such a short time,I won't have perfect grass, but I will have happy children prancing all over it.I won't have clean walls, but I will have children wiping their messy hands all over it.
I won't have clean glass doors or windows, but I will have my children's eager faces pushed against them, awaiting the arrival of their daddy after a long days work.
So suddenly I realize I do like my imperfect grass because it means I am raising children and the time will come when I will miss that. So thank you my perfectly-perfect grass loving neighbor for sharing your secret. Devote your time and energy to what you are raising and the outcome will be wonderful.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I keep thinking that I'm going to sit and write a fabulous and witty review of my favorite new telivision show...but it just hasn't happened. So instead, I will just tell you that I am LOVING Glee. There's just something about show choir that makes my little nerdy heart sing. It's not exactly a family show - there are lots of snippets about teenage hormonal trials - but the music (ah the music!) is fabulous.

I record it, and then let my kids watch the performance pieces the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that...and they love it, and they memorize the songs, and we have spontaneous dance parties...and I love those moments...because I'm not thinking about all the laundry I have to fold, or the dust bunnies I need to chase down...I'm just laughing and singing and dancing with the people I love most...and it makes me LOVE being a mom.

So, in summary...watch Glee and you'll be a better mom. (not that you're a bad mom to start with - but that's a great reason to make your husband relinquish the remote control to you for the night.)

And if you want to get a taste of what you're in for -check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUBfXInqxQE

Oh yeah, it's on Fox on Wednesday nights at 8pm. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two Thumbs Way Down

I just took all of my kids to go see what I thought was going to be a great, fun, creative kids' movie about a little boy with a lot of imagination. But Where the Wild Things Are was none of those things. I am seriously ticked at myself that I didn't do a little more research first - and ended up waisting my money and time - while I tried to keep my kids entertained during an incredibly depressing and boring movie that was NOT meant for kids.
I think of Maurice Sendak's famous book as being about an imaginitive, and a little unruly, boy who creates an intriguing alternate reality for himself as an escape. In the movie - the boy is an odd kid with lots of issues, who runs away from home after throwing a tantrum that included him biting his mom. His running ends when he stumbles upon an island of monsters who he convinces not to eat him. The boy spends the rest of the movie discovering that these depressed, angry, and shallow creatures live just as sad and crappy a life as he does - so he ends up going back home.
It was glacier paced, and dark. Not uplifting, interesting, inspiring or entertaining in the slightest. My girls were scared, Calvin was rolling around in the aisle - but stopped long enough to mimic some of the main character's extremely loud tantrums, the baby woke up crying towards the end. I really wanted to pack up the whole crew and leave halfway through --- but I kept thinking that the movie would get better when the boy returned home - and that the ending would save it. I was wrong. No further exploration of that part of the story than his mom giving him a hug and watching him eat a bowl of soup.
That's two hours I will never get back. Spare yourself the boredom, and keep your money. So not worth it!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Blessing Weekend

SATURDAY - Sept. 5 Yard Work & The State Fair
It was crazy hot in Pueblo, but we still had fun at the state fair on the kiddie rides, and at the monkey show, the shark show, splashing in the fountains, eating dippin' dots and of course, petting the livestock.
Emmett's already got some killer dance moves.
Nana & Cal

Soaking Wet Bella

Azure - LOVING the ice cream on such a HOT day!

Dan also found some time to squeeze in some work on a landscaping project before we left - and Bapa and Kent pitched in. {Before & After photos coming soon!}
Bapa helping on the wall.

SUNDAY - Sept. 6 Blessing & Luncheon
Emmett A. was blessed at church by Dan, with Bapa Hunt, Grandpa McOmber, Uncle Todd, Kent Carlson and Bishop Black in the circle. Calvin ran up and joined the circle as well, but I snatched him up before they started. Aparently Bishop Black had just whispered to Dan that it was fine if he stayed. Maybe that's why Dan had Calvin's name on his mind... when he went to give the baby a name to be known on the records of the church, he said the baby's name was Emmett Daniel. Luckily, Bapa (who we named Emmett's middle name after) was there to quickly correct Dan, that it was Emmett ALAN, not Daniel. You always have to keep an eye on that Dan character - he's a sneaky one! He must subconciously want BOTH of his boys to carry his name! Ha! Ha!
He blessed Emmett, saying that he has a peaceful personality, and that even though he is the youngest child, he will be a great example to his brother and sisters, that he will make wise decisions in his life, and that he will serve a full-time mission, and be married in the temple.
What a sweetie!

with azure

with calvin

Thanks to all the family that traveled out to be here! It was SO nice to be surrounded by great family and friends. It's days like this that make you feel loved!


Aunt Emily, Trey, Azure

MONDAY - Sept. 7 Balloon Launch
We get up early every year to go to the Colorado Classic Balloon Launch to see over 80 balloons take off at Memorial Park. This year we got to have Nana, Bapa, Rachel, Sam, Lia and Eden there too! It's always so beautiful. The kids get so excited (even though we have to drag them out of bed at 6am) and love to count how many balloons they can see up in the sky. I love it too - but especially the part where everyone goes home and takes a nap!

Bella, Az & Eden

My favorite pic - Dan & Cal

Uncle Todd left for Idaho the very next day! We miss him already!

Uncle Sam & Auntie Rachel with 2 of Colorado's finest picture posers

Dad & all FOUR of the kiddos on the way out. Whew, that sounds like a lot of kids!!! What a great weekend!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Holly Berry Festival

There are few events that I get as excited about as the Holly Berry House Folk Art Festival, and it's only 6 days away!
It's a HUGE craft fair held every year ar Rock Ledge Ranch - right next to Garden of the Gods. I think I've gone every year since I've lived here (thanks to a mom-in-law who clued me in to it!). I would even take work off to go when I was in that stage of life. It's one thing that I do totally for myself. I find a babysitter, I spend a few hours and a few dollars doing something that I love, and it's so worth it!!!
If you're in town - don't miss it! It starts Friday Sept. 18th at 9:00 (if you buy your ticket in advance). They announce to the public that it starts at noon - but if you grab a ticket at the Holly Berry House downtown, and pay an extra dollar, you get the first pick of all the crafty goodness at 9am. I'll be going to pick up tickets on Tuesday if anyone wants me to get one for them! I think the 'early' tickets are $7.
Happy crafting!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

First & K

Bella did NOT want us to take her to school on the first day.
She wanted to ride the bus with her friends.
Lydia, Bella, Kyle & Justin -
Just a few of the neighborhood friends that my kids played with all day every day this summer

Azure - lined up and ready for class in the dress she picked out with Grammy.

Someone already thinks she's too cool for school

Well the day has come. My sweet little baby Bella is in school all day long!!! I can't even believe it. Everyone who's already raised kids tells you to cherish every minute because they grow up soooo fast - and while I'm in the near-zombified state of new-baby-ness - each day and night seems to drag on soooo long, that I would heartily disagree. But then I look at my "older" kiddies and all they are accomplishing, and think, "It's true! It's so true!"
These pics are from the first day of school. Bless my AMAZING neighbors who fought to get our bus stop back! I really need my girls to be able to ride the bus this year. Az is only half day, so she gets to ride home on the bus, while Bella loves to be able to ride it to and from school.
Bella had a good first day, except that she had to eat lunch alone at the "Peanut Table" since she had a pb&j for lunch. I had no idea my kid would be singled out for what she packed in her lunchbox. I felt terrible! Now we know, and turkey & cheese it is! She likes her teacher and is excited for everything being a first grader has to offer!
Azure was very, very ready to start school - and she's in a class with three of her great little friends - so she wasn't nervous one bit. We were hugging her and telling her goodbye and she just waved and said, "Yeah, ok. I'll see you later..." and was ready to rock & roll. Mrs. J is in for some laughs - there is never a dull moment with that girl around!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Emmett Alan

Baby Emmett is finally here!
Quick info:
I didn't end up having to be induced. I went into labor myself around 4am the morning that I was scheduled to be induced three and a half hours later. (Friday Aug. 14th) I woke Dan up around 4:40, took a quick shower, called Jen who was here in record time, and checked into the hospital around 5am. Luckily the anesthesiologist was already at the hospital for another patient, so he was able to come in and do my epidural right away. Unfortunately, he had to do it twice (yipes! my back still hurts from that) but it was soooo worth it. This was by far the best delivery I have had. Virtually pain-free, and fast. I pushed three times, and Emmett was out and crying by 8:50am. He's my biggest baby, weighing in at 8 pounds and 5 ounces, and is such a little cutie. (I'm totally unbiased, of course.) I think he looks like a chubby Azure, with Calvin's mouth...but lots of people say they think he looks like Dan...we'll see.
The kids absolutely adore him. They fight over holding him, and Bella has been teary eyed several times because she will miss him while she's at school.
Thanks to all for your love and prayers! We're so glad he's here. Now the real fun begins!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Who's ready to have a baby?

Me! Me! Pick me!
As you can see, I still have 27 days until my due date, so I really shouldn't be this anxious. However, Calvin would have been here for a week and a half already. So, every night since that 34½ week date has past, I lay awake in my bed psyching myself out with every kick, or every little pain that my water might break right then, and the mad dash to the hospital would begin.
Bella was only 8 days early, Azure 2 weeks - so I'm prepared for an early baby this time around. The bag is packed, I have made a few freezer meals, I have a sweet neighbor lined up to race over here in the middle of the night to stay with my kids, and we're ready to go. But of course, since I'm expecting it, this will probably be my one kid that I end up having to be induced for a week after my due date.
We'll see. I suppose I really should be extremely grateful that he's made it this far, and encourage little baby Emmett to cook a little longer. Plus, I have to admit that after our tour of the new hospital's birthing center yesterday, I am a little nervous to go through all of that again! So, it's OK, he can hang out for a few more weeks...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pool Party!

the earthquake cake. it was cute at one point in the day!

Happy Birthday to my little sweeties! Today is both Dan & Azure's birthday...but we celebrated for both of them on Saturday. Of course, when Azure was born - 2 weeks early - I had a big pool party/BBQ planned for Dan. The night before the party, Dan was at volleyball, and my sister Lia and I were staying up late wrapping Dan's presents when my water broke. Dan wouldn't answer his cell phone so I called the church's hall phone like 10 times before Uncle Todd finally tore himself away from the game to answer it. Azure was born 5 hours later, on Dan's birthday. We cancelled the party, and luckily Sam's Club took back most of the food! (it helped that there was an ecoli scare at the same time...because I don't think they usually take back meat.)
So this year...we finally got to have that big Pool Party Birthday Bash!
We had fifty people there with all of the family and some friends from church. I don't know about everyone else - but I think it was a blast! Lots of eating, swimming, cute, cute gifts - and perfect weather!
Happy Birthday Dan (34) & Az(5)!!!