Thursday, March 31, 2011

a Baby, a Rock and a Great Big Mess

A list of all the places Calvin's nose gushed blood on his mad dash to find me after having the above pictured rock chucked at his face by sweet, loveable, rocket arm-ed Emmett while I was in the shower this morning:

The tan couch cushion he was sitting on.

All over his shirt, shorts, hair, face, was bad.

The basement carpet.

8 of the 14 carpeted stairs.

The entry-way wood floor.

The light blue front bathroom mat.

The light blue front bathroom towel.

My bedroom door.

My bedroom carpet.

My bathroom floor.

And finally, in the shower, where he found me, hopped in, and spent the next 15 minutes until we got it under control.

And why do we have a rock in the house that the baby who throws everything in sight could get his hands on? Big sister Azure has at least 6 fake cell phones. She is obsessed with them. {You may remember that she hired a manager a couple years back that she chatted with constantly.} Even with her overabundance of sparkly, beeping, pink plastic phones, she has toted this rock around in her purse for the last 2 years to use as cell phone #7.

She must have left her purse out. Mom had been out of sight for a whole two minutes. And you know the rest. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I can't wait until I'm 8

Can you believe this little cutie is getting baptized next month?
These are my favorites pics I took of Bella at Temple Square in Salt Lake last week. Oh man, our little girl is so grown up!