Friday, February 6, 2009

Thanks All!

Ah, everyone has been so sweet about the new news! Thanks for the calls, the posts, the emails, everything! You've made it feel exciting again! Dan {who really, truly thought we were done} is perhaps not quite on the "jumping for joy" side, YET. {I have to give him some credit - he was super cute with the kids when we told them}. So, it's been really nice talking with people who are happy, excited, and in the case of some cute Aunties - downright giddy.
Dan is an awesome dad - and now he'll just have one more wrestling buddy {whether it's a boy or a girl}. And I am positive he'll be beside himself {for the fourth & FINAL time} once he holds that sweet little baby!
Thanks to all!


Koren said...

Holy Cow! Congratulations!! Don't you love when you think you have an idea of what's going on then.....nope, here's your new blessing! We really need to get the kids together again, Sydnee keeps telling me everyday she sees Bella at school and she wants to play with her.

ang said...