Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hurricane Cal

I know it's hard to believe, since he is so sweet and cuddly, and gives the BEST loves ever, but Cal is turning into a real live 2 year old boy. I thought I had seen it all – as Calvin has recently become a walking disaster, but I was wrong. We have encountered the following from Hurricane Calvin, including (but not limited to):
*Dropping his drawers and sheeshing wherever he deems fit.
*Using the entire container to pour a cottage cheese trail across the living room carpet.
*Writing on and ruining pillows, comforters and walls with pens, crayons, markers, makeup – whatever he gets his sneaky little hands on.
*Dumping all the water from the humidifier onto the carpet.
*Sneaking out of the house to pet the neighbor’s dog, while completely stark naked.
*Emptying an entire spray can of sunscreen – just to see it spray. *Smearing a tube of red chapstick on every seat in the van. *Cleaning the bathroom sinks, mirrors, counters and walls with toothpaste.
*Taking a dip in our mud pit of a back yard and "drying off" on the curtains.
*And much, much more.
But yesterday, he surprised even me when he dumped a bag of Cheetos into the girls’ bathwater – while they were washing their hair. FYI: soggy Cheetos stuck in wet, tangled, waist long curly hair is not a pretty picture.
Oh how a little brother’s brain works. Cheetos in the bathtub? Really Cal?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Freezer Jam

There are few things more Mormon Housewife than making strawberry freezer jam. {making funeral potatoes, strawberry jello salad with sour cream in the middle, and sewing your own curtains are up there too}.
Although I may not love the stereotype - I love the end result. I finally got around to mashing up my cheap strawberries today {yes, bargain shopping makes the MH list as well}.
Hip-hip hooray for freezer jam!

Monday, June 15, 2009

hi little brother

I haven't even seen all of the pictures yet - but Joyanna sent this one of Calvin & I over, and I couldn't wait to share it. I didn't think any of the 'spur of the moment' shots with him would turn out - because he was being such a stinker - but I love this one! (You're amazing Joyanna!!!)

Oh, cute little boys. Every time you tell Calvin "You're going to have a baby brother!" He pumps his fists and shouts "Awe-fum!" Pretty soon that baby he loves to pat and kiss through my tummy will be here, ready to wrestle & join in all of his little boy shenanigans! Just two more months...