Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Finger

Sweet little Azure.
Oh she makes me laugh.
Last night, she got her left index finger smashed in a shelf at Target. That did not make me laugh.
By the time we got home, it was a swollen, bloody mess, and she was a wreck. I had Dan look at it to see if he thought it was broken. He decided it wasn't, but did tell her that her fingernail would probably fall off. {Not something you ideally tell a little miss who is teary eyed and scared already.}
As expected, she squealed. Then whimpered. Then clung to mama for a big fat hug.
She settled down a little at the counter with her finger in some ice, and then slowly, quietly, asked me:

"So mom...what's going to happen when my finger falls off?"

That little sugar thought daddy told her she was going to lose her finger. I think she handled the news amazingly well for thinking her whole finger was going to fall off. I'm pretty sure I would have been a little more hysterical had I been delivered that diagnosis.

We all had a good laugh. Except Azure. She was too busy sighing with relief.