Thursday, February 26, 2009

Save the Date for Sis. Beck

{You should hopefully start seeing these posters out this Sunday...}

Sis. Beck is coming to the Springs! Woohoo! You've got to love that lady. She tells it like it is, not how you think you'd like it to be. Dan and I used to have a "discussion" frequently, after pretty much every conference, that would go something like this:
DAN: "All us guys ever hear from leaders of the church is, 'What's the matter with you? You must do better. Stop looking at pornography, Honor your priesthood more, Be more dedicated to your calling, Treat your wives better, Stop beating your kids' and stuff like that. But all they ever tell the women is: 'Sisters you are wonderful! You are the nurturers of the world. Keep being wonderful...wonderful mothers, wonderful wives, wonderful Sisters in the Gospel. We love you!' What is up with that?!?"

ME: "Well, I think they tell us what we need to hear. Guys tend to be a little on the cocky side, and think they're right on track...when really, they might need a little 'adjusting'. They have to be bold with the men, so they'll get it. The Sisters on the other hand are generally already SO hard on themselves, and think they're doing a terrible job. For the most part, they need to be lifted up and reminded that they ARE doing good things, and that the Lord IS pleased with them.."

That is what I would say...but I would still think that sometimes, we need to hear that we CAN do more. That is why I LOVE Sister Beck. She's not afraid to tell the sisters that yeah, you're great, but there's still MORE to do! Of course, she gets some flack for stepping out of the "consoling" norm, but it's what we NEED to hear - and I love her for it! Can't wait to see her in person in April!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bendaroos defined.

I've had a few people wondering what on earth Bendaroos are, from the Informercials post. So, for those of you who have never heard : "Bend a what?! Bend a who?! ... Bendaroos!!!" this is for you. They're basically colored wax sticks that you can bend to create any shape or thing you can imagine. Not a terrible idea, but not something I feel the need to spend money on right now! :)
{And Ang - we die laughing at the sham-wow commercials. why does that guy need a telemarketing head set on when he's filming a commercial? Dan actually saw some at Walmart the other day...I'm surprised one of them didn't find it's way home in his basket...maybe someday!}

Sis. Deming

Linda passed away last night at 8:00.
She held on longer than was expected.
She was a simple yet amazing woman, who will be missed by many.
Our hearts are with her family, and we will be with them on Monday to honor this sweet, sweet soul.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A little music note

Just a note on the music in my playlist.
I often tell people about my oldest brother in LA, who is a lawyer by day, rockstar by night. The first song on my playlist: North, is one of his songs. He's the lead singer of the band Policy. If you want to hear more from him and the band, click on
Everything else is just random stuff that I love. You'll quickly notice that I love folk music. I can appreciate just about every type of music (sorry, rap excluded) but my heart belongs to folk. It's what I grew up with (well, that and Weird Al, but I've let him go over the years...).

My rockstar brother looking uncharacteristically non-rockstarish with his cute wife Pegah, holding my forever messy little boy at Disneyland over Thanksgiving


I know there are a few of you out there who don't let your kids watch TV. My kids don't watch a ton of TV, all things in moderation, right? But Bella is the infomercial queen. Watching the kids' channels, they see commercials for Pixos, Space Bags, Bendaroos, etc. Every time one of these ads come on, Bella runs to find me, so she can push me in front of the TV with hopes that I will become just as enchanted by these items as she is.
She also has each of these commercials memorized word for word. When Dan comes home from work, she'll recite them to him with the same in your face excitement as the original announcer, in an attempt to sell him on the product. So far, her reenactments have always ended in disappointment, as Dad has the same reaction as I do. "That's awesome. But that's not something we need right now."
A couple of days ago, she decided to take matters into her own hands. I was blow drying my hair, when she ran in my room waving the phone in her hands. She yelled over the dryer "MOM! I called Bendaroos! All they need is your MONEY!"
I shut off the hairdryer, grabbed the phone, and sure enough, I hear a recording prompting me to "press 2 for a visa payment".
If that girl knew how to work a credit card, I'm sure we'd be expecting a very large shipment of Bendaroos on our doorstep in 2 weeks or less.
We plan on keeping that information from her for a very, very long time!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Party Continues

Because I rarely check my mail - we just got Nana & Bapa's package today - but Calvin was pleased as punch to have another birthday. Nana might spoil her grandbabies every once in awhile - but that's what Nanas are for, right?
If Calvin could really talk he'd say, "Thanks for all the loot, dudes!" It began with an adorable "talking" puppy card.

Cal is one of the only little boys I know who gets genuinely excited about new clothes.

Luckily, he's even more excited by new cars.

He was a little nervous about the stalking, roaring dinosaur at first, but quickly warmed up to it. He's letting out a roar that would rival any dino fan in the last pic.

Azure didn't want the other "little guy" dinosaurs to be left out.

And best of all {at least in Az's book} a Valentine gift for all the kiddos - M2! Woohoo!
Thanks for everything Nana & Bapa!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Boy!

We had a little family party for Calvin's SECOND birthday yesterday. {Thanks for coming Grammy, Grandpa, Carlson Cousins, Meg, Todd & special guest star: Stuart} Cal was so excited all day! He kept pointing to the balloons and streamers and saying "Happy!" And then he saw his cake and it was "Happy Me! Happy Me!"

The little kid table with Cal, Claire, Jake & Az

The big girls bellied up to the bar. Abbie, Kate, Bella

Ever since Bella started riding the bus - Cal has been hooked. He loves them. He asks about them. He squeals "Bus!!!!" whenever we see one. He nearly hyperventilates when we drive past the Bus Yard. Thus, the homemade (can you tell?) bus birthday cake.

Daddy tries to catch some of the spit before it hits the cake.

Mmm. That frosting was delish!

Grammy got Calvin a BUS, of course!

I think Daddy is just as excited about the new tool bench as Calvin is. No more Barbies? We'll see.

Todd & Meg hooked Cal up with his first ever sword. It's foam - thank goodness - because he has been wielding it all over the place, and making his kung fu "Hy-Ya" sound at the same time.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!

My Baby Cal

My sweet little boy turned 2 yesterday. It's already been a journey - but it really has gone fast!

He was born 5 weeks early. My water broke at home in the middle of the night (after a night of dancing the cha cha at a church activity), we arrived at the hospital and he was born 20 minutes later. No time for an epideral, although no one would really tell me that.
They just kept saying, "the doctor is on his way." To which I would reply "I don't need the doctor! I need the medicine!" The doctor didn't make it. Calvin was delivered by a nurse...but was in good hands. They wisked him away to the NICU immediately. I didn't even see him for a couple hours. The above picture is what he looked like when I first saw him. It was difficult to describe him to family when they asked things like, Does he have hair? Who does he look like? We weren't allowed to hold him until he was 2 days old. But he is definitely worth all the trouble!

He was on oxygen for 2 months. But check out those beautiful lips!

I took him off the oxygen for a minute for a quick announcement photo shoot. His big sisters just LOVED him!

Lots of family came out for his blessing, including Nana & Bapa, Lia & Eden, Rachel, and Matt & Jenni and boys

Cal's first birthday ended in a mess. But that was nothing new for him!

He looks a little like my Grandpa Hunt here (who I adore) so it's one of my favorite pics.

Cal had his second surgery for hernias when he was 9 months old. (first was at one month)

Because he had massive reflux problems, and hernias - he never liked being on his stomach. It's no wonder that he chose to "scoot" on his behind for months before he took an interest in crawling. We took this video when he had just started crawling - so it's a mix of both scooting, crawling, and chasing after his beloved "ni-nights").

One thing I LOVE about Calvin, is that he is always smiling - and he has a HUGE smile! Oh. He just melts me! This was on my birthday last year -- and that smile was the only gift I needed!

Swinging with the girls in our backyard. He always wants to keep up with them, no matter what.

Hiking with big sister Az.

Enjoying a sausage during the 4th of July breakfast.

My little (2 year old!) sweetie. It's so fun to watch him grow, and learn, and listen to him describe the world around him - in his cute little language. There are two essential words, though, that he refuses to say. #1. "Yes". He will say "Sie" but not yes, or yeah, or yep, or any form of yes. So now, I've resorted to asking, "sie or no?" #2. His own name. When people ask him what his name is, he is either dead silent, or will say, "Azi". Close. But not quite. But, those cute little things just make us love him more! Happy Birthday Cutie!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saying Goodbye

The doctors have said that Linda has anywhere from 24 hours - 1 week left. We had the opportunity to go to Castle Rock today and see her, perhaps for the last time.

When I asked the front desk which room was hers, they pointed towards a hallway, and said "She's the fourth room on the right. It's the room that always has a ton of people in it. You can't miss it." I am so glad! I am so glad that people have flocked to her, and shown their love for her. Her room was decorated with a few things hanging from the ceiling, and a cute shelf filled with Valentine's bears and hearts and flowers. You step into that room, and know this woman has lots, and lots of people who care for her.

I am but one of the many. I sat next to her, and stroked her arm, and talked with her. She can't really talk anymore. She tried, and when I leaned in close, I could understand a few things. She told me that she loved us, and asked how old Calvin was now, and she nodded her head to my yes and no questions. After awhile, she got tired, and I told her it was ok if she closed her eyes. She did, and rested for a few minutes, and then opened her eyes again and tried to talk. I told her it really was ok, and that she should rest. She shook her head no, and said, "I want". So I sat and talked to her some more, and told her about the new baby, and that we miss the ward we were in together, and what an example she was to me. We served as ward missionaries together when Dan was the Ward Mission Leader, and she was wonderful. We became friends then, and better friends later when I had the opportunity to be with her through some of her illness. I told her how she's one of the reasons I learned how to serve. I told her that her positivity, and love for all that she does, and everyone around her will always remind me to be a little kinder, to be a little more happy, and to cherish the things and people I have. I told her that I loved the times that I got to do her makeup and style her hair. She nodded. I told her that I love her, and am so glad that I had the blessing of knowing her. I cried. She tried to smile. I talked some more, about little things. I got the kids some juice (because they saw a nurse out in the hall giving juice to patients, and had to have some). I came back and sat with her awhile longer. When it was time to go, I kissed her forhead, and rubbed her hand. I told her that I wasn't going to say goodbye, but that we would see her again. I know that we will. I cried some more. I kissed her again. I hugged Dave. He told me it would be about a week before we saw eachother again. I cried again {I'm sure it's because I'm with child}. But he smiled. He's being strong, and lively, and his old self.

I'm sure we will see them shortly, under different circumstances. But still then, it will be a celebration of a beautiful, if all too short, life. Our hearts are with you Linda! May heaven bless you and your family, just as you have blessed us.

The Manager

A couple of weeks ago, Azure hired a manager. We're not sure for what. But that manager runs her life! He calls her about every 30 minutes (more when it's bedtime), and instructs her on what to do with her life. He'll call her to tell her to take a bubble bath, to eat some ice cream, to tell her she can stay up for 30 more minutes, etc. etc.
She carries around a phone, waiting for his calls, and then out of the blue will say, "Oh, it's my manager. Just one minute." Then she'll walk in another room, have a full, but one sided conversation, and then come back in and announce his latest instructions.
We asked her why she needs a manger when she already has a Mom & Dad, and she said..."because he tells me what I want."
My little girl is becoming a woman.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thanks All!

Ah, everyone has been so sweet about the new news! Thanks for the calls, the posts, the emails, everything! You've made it feel exciting again! Dan {who really, truly thought we were done} is perhaps not quite on the "jumping for joy" side, YET. {I have to give him some credit - he was super cute with the kids when we told them}. So, it's been really nice talking with people who are happy, excited, and in the case of some cute Aunties - downright giddy.
Dan is an awesome dad - and now he'll just have one more wrestling buddy {whether it's a boy or a girl}. And I am positive he'll be beside himself {for the fourth & FINAL time} once he holds that sweet little baby!
Thanks to all!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Family Pic is Soon to Be Outdated

SuRprIsE!!!I went on all of the rides at Disneyland – especially the fast, jerky ones; I went cave jumping (well, only once) in Mexico; flew to both places, and took a long car trip with all the kids for Christmas, and didn’t even know I was pregnant – I didn’t feel sick once. What a miracle! But really, this baby itself is a miracle…sparing you the details, there is no way we should be pregnant – but here we are! I knew this would happen at some point, because I absolutely knew there was another baby to come to our home…and I really am grateful that it didn’t happen ten years down the road when we were completely out of baby mode. I’m due August 20th – perfect for the swimsuit season!!! Now I’ll have an excuse to be big!

The girls are sooo excited! We just told them last night. We showed them the ultrasound, and asked if they knew what it was.
Bella promptly answered:
“A baby in your tummy.” then asked if it was Calvin.
“No, not Calvin.”
“No, it’s not Azure.”
“Oh, so it’s me.”
“Nope, it’s not you either.”
They were totally confused.
“If it’s not you, or Azure or Calvin, who could it be?”
“Sam?” (their uncle)
“Has Sam ever been in mommy’s tummy?”
Then they guessed Daddy and then Nana…and then Dan helped them out by saying,
“If it’s none of you, and you are the only ones that have been in mommy’s tummy, it must be a NEW baby!”
Then the squealing and jumping up & down and hugging began.
It made me feel so good!
Then they wanted to run to the kitchen and draw pictures of the new baby.
Bella drew a baby boy named ‘Cache’, and Azure drew a baby girl. I asked her what she would want to name it if it was a girl, and she matter-of-factly answered:
“Miss Marose”.
Marose? I asked.
“Noooo. Miss Marose.”
I think it is safe to say that Azure will not be naming our baby.

Lots of love to all!