Monday, March 2, 2009

Breaking the Yes Barrier

Calvin probably says upwards of 200 words, but "yes" has never one of them. As I've posted before, for some unknown reason - he has REFUSED to say yes, yeah, yep, uh-huh, or any form of affirmation, except "sie." I only figured that one out because I would ask him yes or no over and over, with no response if his answer really was yes. I was tossing my hands in the air and finally asked, "sie or no?" and he shook his head yes and said "sie!" But, he wouldn't say it on a regular basis, and never if you just asked something like "do you want some cereal?" For the longest time, I knew if there was silence, the answer was yes.
Two days ago...he broke through the "yes" barrier. Out of the blue he answered "yeah" to a question. I was so taken back! I asked him the same thing again, to which he again replied, completely nonchalantly, "yeah." Woohoo! It's such a simple little thing, but I couldn't be if we can only get him past his aversion to saying his own name!

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