Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crap. It's Picture Day.

You know those school-picture-day mornings when you happen to forget that it’s picture day, and you sleep in because you also forget that daughter #1 has choir practice an hour BEFORE school starts, and said daughter refuses to wear anything except the outfit that has a hole in it that you meant to mend weeks ago, so you whip out your sewing machine and fix it right that second, while she shovels down breakfast and brushes her teeth, before you race to curl hair, sign homework books, track down a matching pair of shoes that were hiding out inside a backpack, fill out the picture order forms, and realize as you’re dropping her off at school that you haven’t brushed your own hair or even thrown on a bra? Yep. Today was that day.
Where do I sign up for Mom of the Year?

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Concert, A Fair, and a Taco

There are precisely one million things I need to post about on this here blog...but they will have to be postponed yet another day. Because today, today must be devoted to recording my girls' night out with my two favorite girls ever. Azure & Bella {and Bella's bestie & her mama} accompanied me on a magical evening at the Colorado State Fair.

OK, maybe magical is stretching it a bit...but the girls screamed and giggled and danced into the wee hours of the night with Selena Gomez. It was my girls' first real concert - and I'm pretty sure they loved it. Surrounded by the buzz of it all, Azure still managed to fall asleep with her head in my lap around 10:45pm, with thousands of girls squealing around her. I was seriously impressed with her sleep anywhere skills!
Before the concert, we hit the fair for a couple hours. Have I ever told you before how much I happen to love fairs? The Tulelake Fair was a highlight of my childhood summers. I would save up my newspapering money, enter the art contests just to win more cash for the fair, and blow it all in one day on navajo tacos, elephant ears, and as many spins on the Gravitron that a fry-bread filled tummy could handle. Those were the days. And this was just a glimpse of one of those days for my sweet girls.

They rode the ferris wheel.

They tried their hand at tossing teensy little rings onto even teensier bottle necks. Not a one found it's way to a prize. Can you believe it? Those carnies. They're so tricky.
They took a shot at the hammer swing. With a little help from this robust, yet kind carnie, the marker hit the bell and both Azure & Bella got to pick from an assortment of blow up bats and swords that didn't even hold their air until we got home, but made them feel quite accomplished! They pet the livestock.
And I helped myself to a scrumptious Navajo Taco. Ah, the memories.
Thanks for a fun-filled night girls!!!