Thursday, July 28, 2011

Theater Camp - 2011

Last year my girls attended a theater camp during the summer, and performed in a version of Alice in Wonderland. It was cute. They had fun. But it was pricey.

This year, as we are trying to save where we can, I decided that it would be silly of me to pay someone else to teach my girls what I am equipped to teach them myself. Thus, 'Dream It. Be It. Theater Camp.' was founded.
I sent this flier home with all the kiddos in Azure & Bella's classes on the last day of school, after hearing back from a whopping two classmates, I recruited some friends & neighbors to join our camp.
And can I tell you, we had a BLAST!
I wrote the script: Pirates of the Cloudy Meatball specifically for the kids who attended camp. During the week, we played, laughed, ate snacks, rehearsed, and worked our scurvy bones off getting ready for performance day. I was SOOO proud of all the kids. They had all their lines memorized,had the songs down pat, knew where they were supposed to be and when, and they totally pulled off this show! They were awesome, and funny, and fearsome, and perfect in their roles. I couldn't be happier with how the show turned out...but I was even happier about the time I was able to spend with this amazing group of kids. I seriously had a great time with all of them.

Here's a pic of our crew:

{Yep, that's a hand-built boat you see there. Dan helped me make it stand up. I made the set, props, and some of the costumes, and turned our basement into the setting for a high seas adventure!}

Bella and Azure were both orphan girls who later dressed up like pirates to save their kidnapped friend, Pepper. They sang, they danced, they acted up a storm... they were awesome!

I seriously wish I took more pictures!!!

After the show, we ate pirate treats that I whipped up {very early} that morning. So yummy!

I'm definitely going to do Theater Camp again next year. It was lots of work, but absolutely worth it!

Any show requests for next year? I'm thinking something with cowboys maybe...Yeehaw!