Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Lonely Skeleton

While Azure was home from school last week with H1N1, I worked with her on her first book. She wrote the story (well, she told me the story & I wrote it down), she drew the pictures, and I just finished putting it together. Of course, I think it's super cute, and I'm sooooo proud of her! If you click on the picture below, you should be able to read it all. Enjoy! Just realized that you can't really read the story from the picture of the pages...so here's the text:
Once upon a time
there was a little skeleton
who was really lonely.
He was sitting outside
by himself one day,
when a family (who was
on a walk) came by his tunnel.
The two little girls, Azure and Bella, asked him why he was so sad.
“I’m all alone.” he said.
They asked their mom if he could come home with them to play.
“Sure.” said the mom. “We’d love to have Skeleton come play!”
Skeleton was so happy!
He stayed at their house for 2 whole days!
He ate a lot of juice and food.
It was the juice and food
for Bella’s lunch.
The mom said:
“Now we have to go shopping!
There is no more
food and juice for lunch!”
The mom took Skeleton, Azure,
Bella, Calvin and baby Emmett
to the store
to buy more food and juice.
Everyone got to pick out their
favorite things.
Bella picked honey and butter sandwiches. Azure picked donuts and cookies. Calvin picked pizza. Baby Emmett picked milk (because that's all he eats). And Skeleton picked a huge, long sandwich with pickles on it.
They had enough food
for a big feast.
So they had one!
They invited all of their friends,
and Skeleton invited
all the monsters he knew.
A zombie mom, a three eye-balled head monster, a trash monster,
a giant green monster,
and a towel monster
all came to the feast.
They ate the honey & butter
sandwiches, the donuts & cookies, the pizza, the milk and the huge long sandwich with pickles on it.
And they danced,
and laughed, and
Skeleton wasn’t lonely anymore,
Now we have to go shopping AGAIN!


M&M said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!! I'm very impressed.

daveanddebbie said...

Too cute! I think you should have it published!