Friday, September 25, 2009

Blessing Weekend

SATURDAY - Sept. 5 Yard Work & The State Fair
It was crazy hot in Pueblo, but we still had fun at the state fair on the kiddie rides, and at the monkey show, the shark show, splashing in the fountains, eating dippin' dots and of course, petting the livestock.
Emmett's already got some killer dance moves.
Nana & Cal

Soaking Wet Bella

Azure - LOVING the ice cream on such a HOT day!

Dan also found some time to squeeze in some work on a landscaping project before we left - and Bapa and Kent pitched in. {Before & After photos coming soon!}
Bapa helping on the wall.

SUNDAY - Sept. 6 Blessing & Luncheon
Emmett A. was blessed at church by Dan, with Bapa Hunt, Grandpa McOmber, Uncle Todd, Kent Carlson and Bishop Black in the circle. Calvin ran up and joined the circle as well, but I snatched him up before they started. Aparently Bishop Black had just whispered to Dan that it was fine if he stayed. Maybe that's why Dan had Calvin's name on his mind... when he went to give the baby a name to be known on the records of the church, he said the baby's name was Emmett Daniel. Luckily, Bapa (who we named Emmett's middle name after) was there to quickly correct Dan, that it was Emmett ALAN, not Daniel. You always have to keep an eye on that Dan character - he's a sneaky one! He must subconciously want BOTH of his boys to carry his name! Ha! Ha!
He blessed Emmett, saying that he has a peaceful personality, and that even though he is the youngest child, he will be a great example to his brother and sisters, that he will make wise decisions in his life, and that he will serve a full-time mission, and be married in the temple.
What a sweetie!

with azure

with calvin

Thanks to all the family that traveled out to be here! It was SO nice to be surrounded by great family and friends. It's days like this that make you feel loved!


Aunt Emily, Trey, Azure

MONDAY - Sept. 7 Balloon Launch
We get up early every year to go to the Colorado Classic Balloon Launch to see over 80 balloons take off at Memorial Park. This year we got to have Nana, Bapa, Rachel, Sam, Lia and Eden there too! It's always so beautiful. The kids get so excited (even though we have to drag them out of bed at 6am) and love to count how many balloons they can see up in the sky. I love it too - but especially the part where everyone goes home and takes a nap!

Bella, Az & Eden

My favorite pic - Dan & Cal

Uncle Todd left for Idaho the very next day! We miss him already!

Uncle Sam & Auntie Rachel with 2 of Colorado's finest picture posers

Dad & all FOUR of the kiddos on the way out. Whew, that sounds like a lot of kids!!! What a great weekend!!!


Valeri said...

Such a sweet little boy. We miss you guys!

ang said...

sounds like a lot of fun! i think little emmett looks like azure. what do you think?

Robin said...

YOur family is lovely. I love Emmett.

Julie said...

Cumorah it sounds like it was such a fun weekend! What an adorable bunch of kidos. Love you guys!

M&M said...

Our babies were blessed on the same day!!!!!! How fun! Congratulations.

Kelly said...

Cumorah! So good to hear from you. Congrats on your fourth! Isn't four somthing else! You had two when we left the springs - my how things change. Two girls and two boys - perfect. How did you plan that one so well? We could have used some tips two kids ago. :)
I thought of you the other day. We are moving into a new house and I was trying to place all my furniture and thought with a sigh, "Cumorah would know just what to do." I have tried all sorts of combinations. :(
I just spent way more time than I should have reading your blog. It looks like you guys are doing well. Talk to you later.