Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two Thumbs Way Down

I just took all of my kids to go see what I thought was going to be a great, fun, creative kids' movie about a little boy with a lot of imagination. But Where the Wild Things Are was none of those things. I am seriously ticked at myself that I didn't do a little more research first - and ended up waisting my money and time - while I tried to keep my kids entertained during an incredibly depressing and boring movie that was NOT meant for kids.
I think of Maurice Sendak's famous book as being about an imaginitive, and a little unruly, boy who creates an intriguing alternate reality for himself as an escape. In the movie - the boy is an odd kid with lots of issues, who runs away from home after throwing a tantrum that included him biting his mom. His running ends when he stumbles upon an island of monsters who he convinces not to eat him. The boy spends the rest of the movie discovering that these depressed, angry, and shallow creatures live just as sad and crappy a life as he does - so he ends up going back home.
It was glacier paced, and dark. Not uplifting, interesting, inspiring or entertaining in the slightest. My girls were scared, Calvin was rolling around in the aisle - but stopped long enough to mimic some of the main character's extremely loud tantrums, the baby woke up crying towards the end. I really wanted to pack up the whole crew and leave halfway through --- but I kept thinking that the movie would get better when the boy returned home - and that the ending would save it. I was wrong. No further exploration of that part of the story than his mom giving him a hug and watching him eat a bowl of soup.
That's two hours I will never get back. Spare yourself the boredom, and keep your money. So not worth it!!!


Alicia said...

Too late! We saw it yesterday. Interestingly enough, Coleman seemed fascinated by the movie. Must have been the cinematics because you are totally right about the content. Really not kid friendly. Will and I entertained ourselves by trying to decipher the deeper meaning behind each monster. Cooper was bored to tears. Oh well. At least there's Astro Boy next week!

Robin said...

Oh dear. Ike is dying to see this and we were planning on going tonight for FHE. Maybe it won't be so bad with teenagers.

Sorry you had such a bummer time.

Robin said...

Here is a blog on the same movie - different experience.

I really like this blogger.

Berly said...

I am so glad you wrote about this bc I was wanting to take the girls. Not so much any more...why did they change a perfectly good book?

The Goulds said...

I'm glad that I read this because I was wanting to watch it with the girls because we love the book. What a let down!!

Robin said...

We saw and ... yuck. So depressing and horrible!