Saturday, September 12, 2009

Holly Berry Festival

There are few events that I get as excited about as the Holly Berry House Folk Art Festival, and it's only 6 days away!
It's a HUGE craft fair held every year ar Rock Ledge Ranch - right next to Garden of the Gods. I think I've gone every year since I've lived here (thanks to a mom-in-law who clued me in to it!). I would even take work off to go when I was in that stage of life. It's one thing that I do totally for myself. I find a babysitter, I spend a few hours and a few dollars doing something that I love, and it's so worth it!!!
If you're in town - don't miss it! It starts Friday Sept. 18th at 9:00 (if you buy your ticket in advance). They announce to the public that it starts at noon - but if you grab a ticket at the Holly Berry House downtown, and pay an extra dollar, you get the first pick of all the crafty goodness at 9am. I'll be going to pick up tickets on Tuesday if anyone wants me to get one for them! I think the 'early' tickets are $7.
Happy crafting!!!