Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pool Party!

the earthquake cake. it was cute at one point in the day!

Happy Birthday to my little sweeties! Today is both Dan & Azure's birthday...but we celebrated for both of them on Saturday. Of course, when Azure was born - 2 weeks early - I had a big pool party/BBQ planned for Dan. The night before the party, Dan was at volleyball, and my sister Lia and I were staying up late wrapping Dan's presents when my water broke. Dan wouldn't answer his cell phone so I called the church's hall phone like 10 times before Uncle Todd finally tore himself away from the game to answer it. Azure was born 5 hours later, on Dan's birthday. We cancelled the party, and luckily Sam's Club took back most of the food! (it helped that there was an ecoli scare at the same time...because I don't think they usually take back meat.)
So this year...we finally got to have that big Pool Party Birthday Bash!
We had fifty people there with all of the family and some friends from church. I don't know about everyone else - but I think it was a blast! Lots of eating, swimming, cute, cute gifts - and perfect weather!
Happy Birthday Dan (34) & Az(5)!!!


Rachel. said...

great pictures. the cake looks perfect. I wonder which side you ate from.

Julie said...

Looks like a super fun party! Wish we could have been there. You are super woman Cumorah! All that party planning AND 9 mos. pregnant!! Happy Birthday Dan and Azure!

The Goulds said...

Looks like you had so much fun! The cake was very cute!! I love hearing birth stories & can't wait to hear the one to come.