Tuesday, March 24, 2009

no news is NOT good news.

We were supposed to find out today whether we are having a boy or a girl. I arrive at the doctor's office with all of our kids who are super excited to be there and find out with us (Az & Bella even made signs).They are all cutsie-pied up for the impending photo op, even Calvin, who I had to wake up from his nap to get there on time, seemed a little giddy. Dan took time from his busy schedule at work to meet us there, and wouldn't you know it, the lady at the front desk insisted that my ultrasound appointment was not for Tuesday, March 24th, but had been on Tuesday, FEBRUARY 24th, and I had missed it. I asked her if that made any sense to her AT ALL that my Dr. would schedule me for a mid-pregnancy ultrasound when I was only 14 weeks along? She begrudgingly agreed, but continued to insist that THAT'S what was scheduled. OK. So obviously, the lady scheduling my appointment made a typo and put in 2/24 instead of 3/24. Not my fault. And NOT what I was told. But they absolutely refused to see me today. They were just too busy. They are going to TRY to squeeze me in tomorrow afternoon if at all possible....which seriously better happen, or they are going to see one freaked out crazy pregnant lady in their office who was supposed to find out the day BEFORE she was leaving on vacation so she could go shopping at IKEA for whatever type of baby this is!!!
Bleh! I guess we'll get to go through this whole circus again tomorrow! Yippee!


Saquel25 said...

That is seriously the worst. I hate when people in a so called position of authority make a mistake and then won't admit it. When I was pregnant with Nathan I was weighed one time and the number the nurse wrote down was not what I had seen on the scale. I had weighed myself that morning also and I had only gained 2 pounds since my last visit. When it seemed that I had gained 12 pounds I asked the nurse to weigh me again but she insisted she had not made a mistake and was really snotty about it. Then I had to put up with a lecture from the doctor on my eating habits. Of course the next month it looked like I had lost weight and when I brought it up again the doctor wouldn't even believe me and said it must have been water weight. It SO wasn't. I've never been lucky enough to gain water, it's always real actual weight that takes forever to lose. Good luck today. I'm thinking blue for you!

dayna said...

ugghh...what a production! i am so happy to learn that you are pregnant! a big congrats from me:) you are such a beautiful mother!

ang said...

awful!! can't wait to hear!