Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kindergarten Digits

Bella came home from school the other day asking for the telephone.
Me: Why do you need the phone?
Bella: To call Jackson.
Me: Why do you need to call Jackson?
Bella: He gave me his phone number.
Me: Really?
Bella: Ye-es. {she produced a white sheet of torn paper with large, squiggly numbers on it. It was not her handwriting}
Me: Why did he give you his phone number?
Bella: Because he wants me to call him. He told me to call him right after school.
Me: What would you need to talk to him on the phone about, that you couldn’t talk to him about at school?
Bella: I want to play the kitty game with him at recess tomorrow, and I NEED to tell him. So, where’s the phone?
{We had a long conversation about the need, or rather the lack thereof, to talk to boys on the phone…but it eventually ended like this:}
Me: OK, I will let you call him, but you need to sit right here next to me when you talk to him.
Bella: No, that’s ok, I’ll just go in the other room. {she tried to sneak out with the phone.}
Me: Nooo, if you want to talk to him, you’ll do it sitting right next to me.
Bella: Why?
Me: Because I’m your mom, and I get to listen to things like this.
Bella: Hmm. Ok.
{I put it on speaker phone. She dialed the numbers and let it ring until the answering machine picked up. She left this message:}
Hiiii Jackson! It’s Bella. I’m so excited to play the kitty game with you tomorrow. We’ll have so much fun. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!
He never called back.
I can’t imagine what his parents think…probably that some poor girl in their sweet little boy’s class had her poor mom look up their son’s phone number so the little girl could harass him.
Oh well…maybe, just maybe, by some fate of fortune, his mom will read this blog, and figure it all out. Until then, I am the mom of the really forward girl in class who leaves kitty messages on boys’ telephones.


Berly said...

Hilarious!! You are in serious trouble with that one!!

The Blue Ridge Gal said...

She's so cute! I like the fact that you sat next to her so you could listen.... haha By next week she will want her own cell phone...

The Blue Ridge Gal

ang said...

she's so sassy!

Saquel25 said...

Hey Cumorah
Chick fi-A turned out to be awesome. When we arrived we were seriously the only ones there. Bliss, because Gary and I could talk while the kids played. And then you guys showed up. I wished we could have stayed longer but Gary had Youth to get to. Next time we'll definitely coordinate. And I've had the same issue with Leia wanting to call people starting when she was only about 5. It's fun more than anything especially if you're good about supervision as you are.