Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I need some mom advice!

How do you get a 2 year old to stop yelling, about EVERYTHING?!
Dan and I are not exactly timid, quiet people, so we're not surprised that we have loud kids. We thought Bella was loud. And then, along came Calvin. He's so sweet, and generally good natured, but the kid just YELLS! He screams "AH-PLUN!!!" when he sees an airplane, he shouts "MOMMY, NO!!!" whenever I'm putting one of the girls in time out, he yells about what lulu (cereal) he wants for breakfast...everything! Seriously, everything.
I'm sure our house's set up has had something to do with it. Ever since we moved here, I've been much louder - yelling downstairs to the girls to come up for dinner, hollering upstairs when Dan gets home that we're down in the basement, etc. So, maybe the solution would be an intercom...but until then - I really could use some tips! It's not so bad when we're at home, but when we're all confined to the comforts of the van together, and he's sitting right behind my little ears...I seriously feel like I am going to lose it! Aaaah!


Joyana said...

everyone of us i bet can feel your pain!!! i am NOT the best, sometimes i do more of the yelling than the kids do. the only thing that helps me in the car is my stereo and the volume nob that can be turned WAY up ... the kids seem to get the point pretty quick! good luck girl - you're a great mom :)

Barry and Shannon said...

welcome to my world. except it's all withing 1100 sq. ft.!

Jill said...

Oh he is so sweet! I always thought people that tried to make their kids talk in their "indoor voices" were weird, but maybe he would catch on to that, or maybe he has ear issues and thinks he is talking at a normal tone.
I don't know but I'm sure you'll come up with something, you are a great mom!

Finding My Way said...

Yeah, we're on the denoument of this problem with our 3 yr old girl, Lucy. She has yelled every utterance for the last two years, but she's getting much better. Our house is all tile, so that only compounds it. Sometimes we make a rule that everyone has to whisper - the kids seem to like that one. We also put them out in the yard - of course that's much easier in Havana than in Colorado this time of year.