Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Like Momma & LiLi

This is my little sister Lia and I when I was about Bella's age. By most standards, Lia was the adventurous one. She would try anything, and with gusto. I was the older, more sensibly cautious one. I was a total wimp when it came to trying any new physical activity (much to the chagrin of my athletic Dad). But, while she was way more courageous when it came to things like snowboarding, rollerblading, waterskiing and wakeboarding, I was the brave one when it came to things like getting up in front of tons of people and performing my little heart out. My first real musical theater experience was when I snatched the lead in the school play away from a 6th grader when I was only in 3rd grade. It was an upset that caused a little controversy...but it was awesome for me! I knew once I stepped on that stage - that's what I was born to do! From then on, I made my parents take me to lots of auditions (amazingly enough, in our small Oregon towns, they had awesome community Theater programs) and I loved it!

I'm telling you this, because Bella and Azure remind me alot of my sister and I. Bella is a total performer, goes all out in her dance class, and loves to be the star; but do something like put her in some rollerskates, and she slowly tiptoes around the rink, careful to NEVER fall. Azure on the other hand, took her first shot at skating today, and completely cracked me up! She RAN in her skates. And not just a little. The entire hour we were there, she ran and leapt like an animal! She did LOTS of falling, but she'd get right back up, and sprint some more! At the end of our time there, her little cheeks were bright red, she was completely out of breath, and she basically collapsed to have me take her skates off. Bella on the other hand, walked over, putting one skate barely in front of the other, and being completely composed, sat down on a bench and bragged about the fact that she didn't fall down once. (totally something I would have done.)

I took a 20 second video of Azure skating with my phone - and as soon as Dan emails it to me, I'll post it here too, because it is a true reflection of who she is! It makes me laugh that these two little girls are sooo different - but so much like my sister and I. It's a good thing. Hopefully that means they'll be best friends forever, just like me and Lia.

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Diana said...

awww, this is a sweet post--i just love your girls.