Friday, March 20, 2009

HOLIDAY REVIEW: Jenco Retreat '08

We hadn't taken a Jenco retreat since Hawaii three years ago, so we were super excited to head out of cold Colorado to spend a few days in Cancun with the Jenco crew in mid December.
We really couldn't ask for better people to spend time with. We have the BEST partners! Stewart and Buffy, Jen and Kent, Dan & Cumorah
We arrived. We napped. We ate. We watched a traditional Mexican dancing show. Dan & I went dancing at our hotel's club. So much fun! I love dancing, and Dan is a REALLY good sport about it. There was one drunk guy who came up to Dan and reprimanded him for leaving me out on the dance floor by myself...we cracked up, danced a little more, and left around 1:30 in the morning.
Dan and I got up early to take a swim in the ocean, and to make reservations for dinner that evening. We jumped in the hotel's hot tub afterwards to warm up, to find that they don't believe in HOT hot tubs in Cancun. We all attended the 5 hour Jenco executives meeting.
We ate at the "Brazilian" restaurant in our hotel...not really Brazilian...but we ate again at the regular all inclusive place to make up for it. They had the BEST guacamole and beans. Mmmm, I ate them for breakfast, lunch & dinner! Later we shopped for toys for charity and then delivered the toys to the Hard Rock Cafe Christmas Toy Drive.

This is the beginning of what ended up to be a VERY long meeting. But hey, we had this meeting in Cancun with all the Banana Mamas we wanted!
Checking out at Walmart.
You would not believe the screams, applause and cheers that this crew gave us when we showed up with Jenco's toy donation. It was a little bit embarrassing, but also gave us such a great feeling knowing that what we had done was so appreciated. Thanks Buffy for looking into that for us!

Playing cards & sipping Banana Mamas on the beach. What could be better?

FRIDAY: Puerto Morales
We rented a van and drove to Puerto Morales about (about an hour and a half from Cancun) to go snorkeling. This was an amazing day! We went there to go snorkeling, and ended up exploring some local, non-commercialized cenotes as well. We came upon the coolest tour guide. Paco worked for the little snorkeling company we found. He wasn't a guide, or the boss, he was "just in charge of the blah, blah, blah." But, he hooked us up with the best things to do and best places to eat in that cute little town.

The coolest thing we saw snorkeling was a sea turtle. But, it was all beautiful. I was seriously freezing, but I figured out if I swam super fast, I got a great workout, and kept warm!
with Paco, post snorkeling

Paco sent us to this little shack to eat lunch. I think we were all a little nervous at first, but it was hands down the BEST meal we had the entire trip. We ate on plastic white tables in the dirt, but this food could be served at the FINEST Mexican restaurant anywhere. Amazing!

Buffy & Stew freefall into the first mouth of the Sieta Bocas Cenotes.

Dan. Always the daredevil.

This is the mouth that we actually ALL jumped in to. Whew! I didn't know that I was a month pregnant at the time, or I probably would have been more apprehensive about the cave jumping!

Up in the tree tops in a make shift tree-house.
SATURDAY: Chichen Itza
This is just an incredible thing to see in person. I asked for a Mormon tour guide when we got there. I was told that there weren't any there at the time, but we landed a guide who had read the Book of Mormon and was familiar with our understanding of the people who lived there. It was awesome to witness the architecture, the preciseness of all that they did, and the spirituality that surrounded it all. My favorite thing that he told us about were the 2000 pillars, representing 2000 great warriors, who he mentioned "are perhaps your 2000 Stripling", and I didn't even get a picture of it! The whole thing was amaing though.

A baptismal font

Our awesome guide. I wish I could remember his name!

Our balcony at night.

Right below our balcony during the day.

SUNDAY: Departure

We left Cancun, and when we arrived in Denver that night, the flight attendant welcomed us to the -15 degree weather! Luckily, Kent braved the cold to get the truck and picked us up curbside.

The only bad thing about the entire trip, was that we didn't have cell phone service - so keeping in contact with our kids was challenging. Stewart let us use his phone, but I just missed my little cuties! I wanted them to be able to call me whenever they needed to, and I wanted to be able to chat with them whenever...but it didn't quite turn out that way. Fortunately, they were in great hands with Auntie Lia! I know they had fun without us, but it was really nice to come home and give them all HUGE hugs and lots of kisses!

I really do think there are so many good things that come from some time away from them though. First and foremost, spending time alone with your spouse, without the normal everyday stresses, gives you the opportunity to remember why you love each other, and why you chose to be together in the first place. It's really refreshing. And secondly, it makes you realize that you really, truly would be so empty without your kids, and they realize that you really are nice to have around! It's a win-win all around!

Thank you Jenco & Thank you LiLi! Love you girl!


Alicia said...

Wow! Just one question- can Will work for Jenco, too?! What a great getaway! Loving your blog and post some of those prego pics. I can't wait to see!

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