Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Vices & Cookies

We all have our vices. We all have our comforts that make us feel great in the moment, but regret later. Being Mormon, a lot of those vices are ruled out for me from the get go...but I have others. While some members drown their troubles in Dr. Pepper, or turn to energy drinks for the high they crave, I, like I assume others are, am addicted to food. Treats in particular. Have you ever been to a church function that was deemed successful that didn't involve refreshments? Me neither.

As I have been kick starting yet another phase of fitness & healthy eating in an effort to ditch the rest of my baby weight {yes, my baby is almost a 1 1/2}, I have realized that there is one thing that I just cannot say no to. I have fended off brownies, cheesecake, homemade white rolls {mmm. that one was tough}, but cookies, ah, delicious cookies, those are my weakness.

The homemade variety especially.

When I'm not watching what I'm eating - I can easily down a dozen in a sitting. Awful, I know. I love, love, love them. Any flavor really. Peanut Butter are probably my favorite, followed in a close second by White Chocolate Macedamia Nut...but really...I've never met a homemade cookie that I didn't love. {unless it spent a little too much time in the oven}

I'm sure you are sitting there thinking, well, my heavens dear, just stop making cookies. The trouble is, I have kids. And my kids love cookies. And they think I'm the greatest mom ever when they come home from school to a fresh batch of Chocolate Chip ones piled on a plate next to a cool glass of milk. And, Calvin begs me to bake with him every, and I mean every day. How can I say no to that? And when I have cookies in my home, I find myself nearly incapable of declining them.

Six years and two babies ago, I was crazy about getting my pre-baby body back. I balanced my proteins & carbs. I worked out like a wild woman, and I never ate treats or baked goods. I made a magnet for my refrigerator that said, in bold letters "Nothing tastes better than being skinny." I got down to about 8% body fat, and, I looked like this:

{as this is a family friendly blog, I'll save you the full body views.}

I loved the body I worked so hard for. But, a couple pregnancies wiped out the results of my efforts pretty quickly, and it's been increasingly more difficult to drop the weight.

As they say, sacrifice is giving up one thing for something even better. I suppose then, my biggest struggle is not my addiction to cookies, but in deciding if being a little less jiggly is in fact better than fresh baked, straight from the oven, chocolately goodness.

Any thoughts on the matter? I haven't quite made up my mind yet. But, I may be leaning towards the cookies...I'm open to any no-fat, low carb, high protein, kid friendly, and delicious cookie recipes you may have!


Saquel25 said...

I don't believe in giving up anything completely, except perhaps caffeine, my current vice I've decided to give up. But you look fantastic Cumorah. You perhaps look a little too thin in that picture. I think if we are a healthy weight for our height, striving for bodily perfection when there are so many other things to do (like bake with Calvin) is not worth the time. But that's just my two cents :)

Hans and Michelle said...

Wow Cumorah. You look too thin in that picture. I say if you can eat cookies everyday and look as great as you do right now-just stick with what you are doing. You look fabulous!!

Although, if you can ever figure out the balance of it all will you please call me and fill me in?

Anonymous said...
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Cristi said...

Yes, I agree you're too thin in that pic! Cookies are my weakness, too. Wish I had some advice on that. But you are a beautiful woman just how you are. :)

Rachel. said...

I think you are beautiful all of the time. Concerning cookies, if I could ever just be moderate, that would be my suggestion for you as well. The trouble is is that I am an all or nothing type of girl, that I either have to be eating noooo sugar, or I eat everything. Ugh. In DC I had delicious/nutritious banana oatmeal cookies. I will try to track down the recipe.

Kelly said...

All I have to say is that a few years ago you shared with me a Bunko Bar recipe. I'm quite certain that one of my thighs is made of pure bunko bar. I love them!!!! Thanks Cumorah.