Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get Over to the Cheeky Kitchen

My friend Brooke is amazing. Mom to four chitlins. Chef. Baker. Recipe Creator Extraordinaire. Soon to be Cook Book Author. And a delightful, uplifting, witty little blogger.
And guess what I just found out.
Panera Bread has hired her to dine & write about their yummy eats, and her experiences while feasting there. As I mentioned in a comment on her amazing {blast, I already used that adjective, but it's just so fitting} blog, Cheeky Kitchen, I really try to keep envy out of my life. But after reading her sweet, tantilizing Panera post, I could feel it creeping in. And before I knew it - wham. There it was. Full blown envy.
I do. I will admit it. I envy her {for more reasons than getting paid to dine at Panera}, but am also so extremely happy for her. She is a wonderful, good hearted person who deserves all the accolades, blue ribbons, and book deals that are coming her way. Go check out her site, try some of her scrumptious recipes, and laugh with her along the way. Congrats Brooke!


Rachel. said...

I am jealous of your friend. Merely for the fact that I would love to get paid to eat/write about good food. Lucky (and well deserving) girl.

Cheeky Kitchen said...

Cumorah! I'm sooo calling you and we're hitting Panera together. You are such a sweetie. And, no need to feel envy. I can't decorate a room to save my life. Nor can I do my hair in divine loose curls. Nor can I sing. See how that works? Some of us get to eat, and some of us are so ridiculously talented (ahem, I'm referring here to YOU) that the rest of us just stand by and marvel. Hugs, you!