Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a New Day

Where we live, this after holiday phase begins at least three more long months of seriously cold, windy, often snowy {yet amazingly sunny at the same time} days, without any fabulous holidays to break up the monotony. Of course there’s that sweet little lovey dovey day in February, but it just doesn’t compare to the magic of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas {of which pictures are on the horizon, I promise!}.
Even with all of those things stacked against this season, I have to admit, I still absolutely LOVE the beginning of a new year.
Promise, hope, and determination replace stress and frustration. I have lots, and lots of things I want to do better. Of course, there are all the routine goals, including, but not limited to: fitness, healthy eating, spiritual study, being on time to church {we made it 15 minutes early to 9am church the first week in January! woohoo!}, saving money, being more patient-more organized-more crafty-and more fun with my kids, and being more on top of the laundry situation in my household. Seriously. It gets out of hand fast with a husband that sometimes wears four outfits a day {to workout, to work, to lounge, and to play ball}, girls that change their attire at least twice daily, and boys that are just downright messy.
But this year…I have one BIG goal.
2011 is going to be the year.
I can feel it.
It will be the year I figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

When I was a little girl, my Dad would always tell me the story about how he was inspired when he was a missionary in Indonesia, to name his first born daughter Cumorah. {He didn’t tell a soul, not even my mom, until after they were married – because he didn’t want anyone to use it.}
It’s unique. Unusual. I had a historian tell me once that it means ‘from a high place’ which is fitting, since it’s the name of the hill where a Prophet of God was given holy scripture. My Dad’s telling of the story always made me feel so special. That because there was a purpose behind my name, there must be a purpose behind me. He felt so strongly, that there was a reason for me to carry this name. While I have had several, and I mean like anytime I meet someone who is not of my faith, experiences to share a snippet of my beliefs due to my name; and I’ve had a few opportunities because of it to really share the gospel with people; I have also had experiences where I have been immediately shunned {once losing an enormous sale that I had worked with these clients for weeks on} after they discovered it’s origin.
I have wondered, for the majority of my life, the big, so far unanswered, why? Why was it so important for me to have my name, that the Lord specifically told my father what my name was to be? I haven’t figured it out yet. When I was Bella's age, I was convinced that I would become a famous popstar, and my name, as a symbol of faith would lead thousands to look to Christ. It took awhile, but I have come to terms with that dream not becoming a reality.
Yet, I feel like I can and should be doing so much more – but with so many good things to do, how is a girl like me supposed to figure out which good thing to focus on?
I believe that we are all given spiritual gifts from God. I love in Corinthians, in the Bible, the examples that are given of such spiritual gifts – like: wisdom, faith, healing, knowledge, testimony, discernment, the working of miracles...
There are people I am close with whose gifts are so apparent. They’re strengths are easily seen, and they use them readily.
This year, I will study this topic. I will identify the gifts the Lord has been gracious enough to grant me. I will seek out how He wants me to use them. And do it. I will figure out what my focus ought to be. I will find out what I should be when I grow up. And I will set out a plan of action to get there.
My sweet husband {isn't he cute?} may or may not have mentioned that this is quite a lofty goal to accomplish in one little year.
But you’ve got to start somewhere, right?
Right. And why not now?
It’s the beginning of a beautiful new year. The beginning of {get ready for the cheesiness} a new tomorrow. And I'm ready.


Robin said...

I agree with Dan that it is lofty especially when you already have laundry goals! But it is good to have lofty (and numerous) goals. It keeps us out of trouble and constantly on the look out for good things.

You are gonna rock 2011.


Diana said...

This post made me cry. Maybe because the thought of doing so much more with my life right now simply overwhelms me but more likely because you are right. While we have so much responsibility resting ever so lightly (hah!) on our shoulders, it is also our responsibility to find out what our specific purpose is and live up to that. You are simply inspiring, Cumorah.

runningfan said...

Seeking out spiritual gifts is always a good idea! Good luck!