Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Week of Thanks

We started a new version of our 'one thankful thing a day' tradition by hanging a ring each November day before Thanksgiving with something that we are thankful for written on it. These are the things my little ones wrote:
Bella: friends, family, holidays, school, my house, my trampoline, God, my church, piano lessons, clocks, Spanish club, snow {so I can build snowmen}, my hair {or else I would be bald}, shoes, clothes, my talents, mom & dad's car, toys, pumpkins, flowers, movies, lights, Santa, animals
Azure: books, family, food, school, God, art, Halloween, my home, my earth, trees, Thanksgiving, rocks, Mom, Calvin, Bella, firefighters, swing dance class, shakes, light, backpack, brothers, sunlight, family, bike, shoes, bed
Calvin: family, Jesus, our treehouse, mom, trampoline, daddy, Emmett, T.V., preschool, friends, sisters, preschool turkey, Dad's big motorcycle, nerf guns, books, the moon, preschool, Miss Colleen and her toys, pillow pet, my cousins, Eden, nursery, Nana & Bapa, Megan & Carter, my airplane
And I am thankful for homemade cinnamon rolls. Mmm.
This year, I only made four pies: 2 pumpkin, 1 peach {my fave}, and 1 berry. My kids love, love love to help in the kitchen, Calvin especially. He was there long after the girls took off to play, and got to help with the sweet potato casserole as well. So yummy! We went bowling Thanksgiving morning {as per usual}. Somehow, we didn't get any pictures of all the family that was with us: Todd, Meg & Carter, Grammy & Grandpa, Kasey & Emily and their kids - Daemon, Vince, Trey and Chauncey. Nobody bowled a turkey this year, but we still had a great time!
We were in Parker {almost an hour away} fed, showered, ready to go and sitting in our pew by 8:45am. I was so proud of us! Chauncey's blessing was beautiful, and it was so nice to spend time up with Emily & Kasey. We thought to take a picture only after Kasey's family left - but they are a JOY to spend time with. It was a great way to wrap up the holiday!


ang said...

that thanksgiving chain idea is SOOO cute!

ang said...

also, can you email me your cinnamon roll recipe? ang978(at)yahoo(dot)com. thanks!