Saturday, November 20, 2010

Field Day

Way back on October 1st, my little girlies rocked their field day.
Seriously. They did awesome. {of course I didn't have my camera, so these fuzzy pics are from my phone.}In her groups, Bella took 1st place in the long jump & cross country. 2nd place in the kangaroo hop & tennis ball throw. 3rd place in the shoe kick and 4th in the 50 yard dash.
Azure was a serious competitor. She took 1st place in four events: Long jump, tennis ball throw (pictured above - that girl has got an arm!) kangaroo hop, and shoe kick. She took 2nd in cross country, but was all tuckered out for her last event, and got 5th in the 50 yard dash.
So pleased with these cuties. They always give whatever they're doing their all --- and the big cherry on top: they're supportive and gracious towards everyone. They make a mama proud!

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