Friday, December 3, 2010

Miss C.'s Pre

This is why I love Calvin's preschool teacher. She understands that it's all about the process, not the product. Cal's snowman is, to the average eye, upside down and wearing his scarf as a belt {which, let's be honest, is quite snappy.} But what I love, is that Miss C. did not try to correct his artwork. It's unique, it's fun, it's a great shape lesson, and it's all perfectly Calvin.

He loves Miss. C. She does all the fabulous things you think of doing as a mom, but never get quite organized enough to do.
...Like leaf hunts

Craft projects done in pajamas

Science projects that end in a deliciously creative snack... {made by the students of course}
Who could resist those Octopus Leg breadsticks? Yum!
Painting with wreckless abandon

Whipping up some homemade soup
And studying the habits of a daddy long legs we caught on our front porch.
So glad Calvin gets to spend five hours a week learning, laughing, sharing and creating with such an amazing teacher! Love her!
{in school pics taken by Miss. C}


Colleen said...

I loved the scarf belt too! Calvin is a joy to spend time with, he's constantly making me laugh, he loves being a "color scientist" by mixing the colors at the easel and then shouts to me across the room "blue and yellow made green!", he's bright and loves to share stories, he's Calvin--and so perfect at it!

Robin said...

Can I change the topic? And just say that your Christmas card is perhaps the most beautiful family picture I have ever EVER seen. Emmett is simply perfect and everyone else looks pretty good too! I love it and feel very proud to put it on my card display. I might keep it on the fridge all year round.

I consider it a gift to get such a lovely card. It made me feel special. I love you Cumorah!

Cumorah said...

Thanks for everything Colleen! And Robin - you're so sweet! I feel honored to have a place on your fridge!

emily said...

i think she's pretty amazing too ... i only wish she didn't live so far away so that my 4 year old could have her as a teacher!!