Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Program

Our elementary school does this tender Veterans Day program every year, ending with a salute to all servicemen & women - where they are asked to stand during the singing of their branch of the military's fight song. We clap along, as mothers, fathers, and grandparents stand in uniform around us - heads held high. Every kid in school knows each word to the Navy, Army, Air Force, and the Coast Guard's tunes - and they sing them out loud and proud.
It might sound silly, but I cried last year, I cried this year...and I'm sure the trend will continue until Emmett is the one on stage telling the crowd about the strength of this great nation.
Good job Mustangs! And a huge thank you to all those who serve and sacrifice for us!

{blast. i didn't have my camera - these are from my phone.}

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