Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My very own list

My well read, philosophical, smarty-britches, sister Rachel, often posts lists of all the fabulous books she's read, is reading, wants to read, etc.

Which has inspired me to share with you the last four book titles I have read:
1. The Absent Author, by Ron Roy
2. The Bald Bandit, by Ron Roy
3. Dear Dumb Diary - Am I the Princess or the Frog?, by Jim Denton
4. Katie Kazoo Switcheroo - Who's Afraid of Fourth Grade?, by Nancy Krulik

While I am happy to perform my motherly duty of pre-reading Bella's book selections to make sure I approve of the material (#3 on the list did not make the cut for a seven year old girl, by the way) the realization that I seem bound to the junior's books section of Amazon, has me yearning for something more.

So last night, I started a book just for me: The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.
So far, so good.
I feel like such a grown-up.


Rachel. said...

Cumorah, I love, LOVE the book you're reading now, and even told mom to read it. Tell me when you finish.

Melissa said...


Robin said...

I really liked The Help. yay for reading!

Alicia said...

I read The Help a couple of months ago. Great book!

b.liz said...

Feels so good to just sit down and read something for yourself, doesn't it? Good for you.

(I just recently finished The Help too and LOVED it! Good choice.)

Cumorah said...

I finished The Help Saturday morning, and, I have to agree with all of you. Loved it!
Along with the clear, skillfully taught, transcendent message that “We all just people,” I also came away with a desire to be even more attentive and loving to my own children. My heart broke for little Mae Mobley. Everyone needs a mama who loves them, and who shows that love daily.
On a much smaller note…it also made me feel like I should take a little more pride in doing my mundane, daily chores. I never have, and surely never will have a maid, so the daily cooking, cleaning, errands, and raising of chitlins is my life. And it’s a good life. I’m happy to have it!

Cumorah said...

Also, did you know they're making it into a movie? Should come out in April. Ladie's night anyone?

ang said...

oh i have been wanting to read that!! there's a long hold list at the library...