Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prince Cal and the Time-Out Tale

Once upon a time, there was a little prince who held the title of Best-Time-Out-Taker in all of the land. He never wept over his fate, never kicked, never squealed, never attempted to charm his way out of a good, old fashioned time-out. Each time the Queen sent him to his teensy-tinsy wooden bench for a much needed break, he plopped himself right down and sat in silence until she declared him free to once again run amuck throughout the kingdom.
One Sunday afternoon, shortly after returning to the castle from church, Prince Calvin shouted something quite ornery at his sweet mother. She, and the King, sent the red faced prince directly to the bench where all disagreeable children spend their time. The Queen and King got to chatting, and before they realized it, forty minutes had sped by, and not a peep had been heard from the prince.
Their obliviousness was only broken after Princess Azure sauntered up the stairs and inquired as to why on earth Prince Calvin was sleeping on the hard entry way floor.
Sure enough, while investigating her query, they discovered Prince Calvin, fast asleep within arm's length of the bench. They swept him away at once, and tucked him under his homemade covers, to enjoy a cozier slumber.
Not a soul east, and not a soul west has ever come close to pilfering Prince Calvin's well deserved title. Bless you, my dear, sweet, Best-Time-Out-Taker ever. Bless you.


ang said...

ha ha! what an obedient guy!

Rachel. said...

this was a good story on the phone, and an even better story with pictures. he is darling when he naps on floors.