Monday, June 28, 2010

Bella & Azure in Wonderland

Last week the girls sang, danced, and acted all week long at Acting Camp, rehearsing for the final product: a {modified} performance of Alice in Wonderland Jr. They had such a great time, and were so much fun to watch! I was seriously proud of them - performing in their very first live play. It was enough to make an old theater mom's heart melt.
Bella played the Ace Card.

Azure was Tweedle Dum {pictured here with Tweedle-Dee}

They both got beautiful flowers for a job well done...

but had more fun pretending to paint the flowers red, and play with all of the props at the end of the show. They cracked me up.
They said they weren't nervous at all. Although, during the week, the teacher asked me to work with Azure on understanding that you can't just announce that "I need a snack. I'll be right back." during the middle of a run-through, and then commence in leaving the stage. I had a good long talk with her about the "world of the stage" and that there are no snack or potty breaks during a performance. Of course she asked, "but what if I really, really have to go!?"
Luckily, she was able to hold off on snacks and a potty trip during the real performance... and that's one of the biggest steps to great acting. Way to go girls!


Rachel. said...

So, so cute.

Ashley said...

hey they were in my play too

Cumorah said...

Oh yeah - Ashley! I forgot about the ward Christmas show! I guess is their SECOND ever stage production. I stand corrected.