Friday, July 2, 2010

Did MY kid say that?

We try to teach our children to be honest. Which is a good thing. However, they have not figured out that to be honest does not mean that you must share any and all observations out loud - for all to hear. Tactfulness. That's what they're missing. This makes for some terribly awkward moments, including classics, like the time Bella continued to ask me whether our Wal-Mart checkout lady was a man or a woman, because she had a dark mustache. Loudly. Several times. Even after I tried desperately to shush her. Mortified, naturally.

And then there are a few new ones, like when meeting our new neighbors for the first time a few days ago, Azure stood in their entry way and announced "Whoo-ie! It STINKS in here!!!" Again. That was awesome. A very proud Mom moment.

Sadly, last night - Calvin joined the ranks. We had a couple over for dinner, and out of the clear blue, Calvin turns to me and says, "He's big and fat!". Of course, everyone at the table heard, including the man he was referring to. I tried quickly to explain to Cal that that is not a nice thing to say, and that he needed to apologize. Naturally, that just inspired him to declare the same observation again, with even more gusto. I was so embarrassed. The only thing that got him to stop the repeated offense was a threat of an early bed time. I apologized. But the damage was done.

It's looking like our next several FHE's will be on manners & tactfulness. Aaaah!


Saquel25 said...

I feel your pain. Leia said something similar to a very overweight lady at the gym once. In her mind it was just a statement of fact and she had no idea why I was making her apologize. Unfortunately it drew a lot more attention to the whole situation, but what else can you do? There was one time we were about to get into an elevator with a woman who looked very strange. I can't remember exactly what she looked like but I knew my kids well enough to hang back and take the next elevator. No sense in dealing with something uncomfortable in an enclosed space. :)

Carrie said...

Maya once yelled at me in a public restroom to wipe my vagina.
But somehow, that doesn't even seem to compare.

b.liz said...

I'm giggling and cringing at the same time! Hilarious...

The Goulds said...

that was great for a laugh....sadly I know what you mean. Alyssa says some very loud things that are just honest but can be a bit embarassing :)