Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taking Action

Have you ever been inspired to action in a church meeting before? I mean really inspired to action. Not just the kind of inspiration where you sit there and feel like you should do something about what the speaker is saying - but never really end up following through. {I have PLENTY of those moments!} But the kind of inspiration where you RACE home to get your food storage started, or your scriptures read, or to hug your kids and promise to be a more inspiring, loving, patient, sane mom?

Well, I had one of those moments last week. We had a great Enrichment on Thursday. Seriously fabulous. They displayed a gallery of art that bore testimony of the Savior, with donations varying from amateur originals (like mine) to huge Greg Olsen prints. It was beautiful, and inspring, like Angie said, a visual testimony meeting. There were also presentations highlighting the lives and works of a few inspired artists, including Carl Bloch, Eliza R. Snow, and Minerva Teichert. I had the GREAT privilege of presenting the section on Minerva. She was wild, and humble; a great mom to five kids, and a ranch hand, all while painting nearly a thousand INCREDIBLE pieces and murals (from her teeny Wyoming living room) that testify of Christ, the Book of Mormon, and the inspiration of the Pioneers.

She left her mark. She was a busy, working mom, who still made time to use her God-given talents to do the work that He meant for her.
I left that night wondering what my mark will be. What legacy will I leave my children, my ward, the world?

I'm not sure that I have discovered yet exactly what arena I should focus on, but I am determined to try and DO more with what I've been given.

So, my first adventure...I submitted a demo this morning to the great Sally DeFord, LDS songwriter extraodinaire, in hopes that she will use me to sing for her website.

My voice is not quite as sweet and churchy as most that she uses...but what the heck? You never know unless you try, right?

If this doesn't work out - no worries - I'll try the next thing on my list. But, I'm taking action, and I think that counts for something with the Lord.

If I knew how to upload a digital voice file to my blog, I would share it with you all. If anyone knows...fill me in! Thanks! And happy legacy making!


Robin said...

Cumorah - your presentation was fabulous. Just amazing. We all loved it. I am so glad you blogged about it and even gladder (word?) that you feel motivated. You are simply amazing. I think you will leave a huge impression in this world if you just go on being the wonderful person you are.

Jen and Kent said...

You are wonderful you!

Cumorah said...

You guys really are sweet. Robin - you and your crew did a wonderful job last week! My favorite part were those handsome little servers! Thanks for a great night!

M&M said...

I don't think I even knew that you sang. That is just awesome! I've been trying to figure out lately just exactly what mark I want to leave too. You are making more progress than I am! Good luck!