Friday, July 17, 2009

Az's Determination

Azure just taught herself to ride a two wheel bike this morning.
That girl amazes me. She got it in her head last night that she wanted to learn how to do it, so she got up first thing this morning, skipped breakfast, got dressed, put on her helmet, and was out the door. I bought a little two wheeler at a garage sale a few weeks ago that I've been planning on putting training wheels on for Calvin to ride, but haven't gotten around to that yet. She picked up that bike - sans training wheels - and wobbled her way around the culdesac for a few minutes until she figured it out. No help. No instruction. Just Azure, a bike, and a lot of scary pavement. She's taken a few spills, but nothing that will keep her from getting right back on and practicing some more. I am so proud of that little cutie!
Bella is a little emotional over the fact that Azure can do something that she can't, but she plans to learn quickly tonight with a little bit of help from Dad!


Carrie said...

That is so cool. She sure has spunk. Kai still will not even get ON his 2wheeler WITH training wheels!

Rachel. said...

New blog! New blog! And what a great blog. That is so cool of Azure. I am so happy/proud of her.

Diana said...

I love that! Azure sure is great.

Rachel. said...

great picture. great video. thank you for adding it. seriously so cute.