Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hurricane Cal

I know it's hard to believe, since he is so sweet and cuddly, and gives the BEST loves ever, but Cal is turning into a real live 2 year old boy. I thought I had seen it all – as Calvin has recently become a walking disaster, but I was wrong. We have encountered the following from Hurricane Calvin, including (but not limited to):
*Dropping his drawers and sheeshing wherever he deems fit.
*Using the entire container to pour a cottage cheese trail across the living room carpet.
*Writing on and ruining pillows, comforters and walls with pens, crayons, markers, makeup – whatever he gets his sneaky little hands on.
*Dumping all the water from the humidifier onto the carpet.
*Sneaking out of the house to pet the neighbor’s dog, while completely stark naked.
*Emptying an entire spray can of sunscreen – just to see it spray. *Smearing a tube of red chapstick on every seat in the van. *Cleaning the bathroom sinks, mirrors, counters and walls with toothpaste.
*Taking a dip in our mud pit of a back yard and "drying off" on the curtains.
*And much, much more.
But yesterday, he surprised even me when he dumped a bag of Cheetos into the girls’ bathwater – while they were washing their hair. FYI: soggy Cheetos stuck in wet, tangled, waist long curly hair is not a pretty picture.
Oh how a little brother’s brain works. Cheetos in the bathtub? Really Cal?


Saquel25 said...

That's so funny. I'm pretty much convinced that you can't have anything nice while your kids are small. I've spent a lot of time lamenting my dirty furniture but I've eventually come to the conclusion that there's no point to that right now. Good job they are so adorable!

ang said...

ha ha!!!!! sounds like you've got your hands full with that little cutie!

Tamzen said...

Oh, I remember those days so well! Graham was the biggest handful at that age. By three he managed to outgrow most of the crazy mischievousness! At least they're cute.

Berly said...

So funny!! It is a good thing that they are so darn cute.

Rachel. said...

I had no idea Cal had turned into such a rascal.

Reading your blog makes me miss you.

The Goulds said...

all I can say is ...boys!

Ken and Amy said...

I'm glad to hear I don't have the only crazy 2 year old that gets into EVERYTHING!!!

Jesy said...

Ha ha ... soooo funny. We need to get together and let Madax and him run wild! I'm sure they would reek havoc together. You can see some of Madax's crazy ways on our blog... So fun to find friends here that blog!
*~ Jessica Daniels ~*
(from Real Deals)

Corinn and Trent Seely said...

Wow Cumorah, that is quite a list. I think that is more messes than all my kids have made combined!! Do you keep your cool, or freak out?-- Corinn

Kristen said...

It makes me tired to read this.

On another note... I don't see an email for you, and I wondered if you could design a logo for our Scentsy Team Convention T-shirts. You did the one for my Grandma's 90th b-day (I'm Robin's sister) and it was darling.

Could you let me know if that is possible and how much it would cost? Thanks so much!