Monday, July 20, 2009

My Dancers

Thanks for the pics Joyana!

Ah, Youth Conference. Remember those days? When all you looked forward to was the big dance afterwards with the hope that maybe, just maybe, the guy that you've been secretly eyeing all weekend, but of course never actually talked to, might ask you to dance? Hmm. Good times.
The dance at our Stake's YC this year got started a little differently, and I got to be a small part of it. We'll be doing a big Dance Festival next year, so at conference this last weekend, some youth presented a "preview" of what the Festival will be like. There were four dances that a few youth had been preparing for MONTHS, that were presented to all of the youth Friday night. I was asked (still not sure why) to step in for the choreographer of the "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" style dance after she moved a few months ago. Luckily she finished the choreography before she left, because that is not up my alley at all - but I got the fun job of rehearsing with the kids, fine tuning and staging the production, oh - and that little chore of coming up with costumes. That, I could have done without. But thanks to some help from my friend Christy - I think the kids looked great!
And honestly, I am SO proud of them. They all did such a good job on the final performance. I was sitting with a silly little smile on my face the whole 5 minutes and 50 seconds of their dance. Way to go hoe-downers!!!

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