Sunday, November 9, 2008

When Dad's Away...

{I have to preface this segment with the statement that I truly love my husband. He works really hard for our family, and I completely understand that he needs a break now and again. This hunting season has been a little difficult for me, but I understand it. Now without further ado...}

The girls have stopped asking, "Why isn't Daddy home?". Now it's just, "So, where's Daddy now?" They'll usually follow it up with a few guesses: hunting? basketball? soccer? Matt's house? the gym? on his motorcycle? work? skiing? And they're usually right.
In the beginning of Dan's guy tripping - I used his time away to get tons of projects done, like painting the whole house, cleaning out the garage, packing up the entire house because we were moving in less than a week, etc. But I've decided that really, all that does is make me be a little bit bitter. And nobody wants that! So, to be a better, less grouchy mom & wife, I have decided, just recently, that when Dad's gone having fun - we're going to have fun too!
While he was away on his last hunting trip, the kids and I spent a day at Mr. Biggs, and a morning exploring Garden of the Gods, as well as having popcorn in bed movie nights, and spending time at Grammy's on the trampoline.
The only project I did all weekend was to clean out my van. (which if you know me, was actually a huge undertaking).
Of course, we like it better when Dad is here to enjoy the fun with us - but we really did have a good weekend!

MR. BIGGS October18.2008
I was at a furniture store with all of my kids in the morning, when I had to interrupt the salesman, gather up my kids, and leave -- because they were going bananas! One of the drawbacks to living in a hotel (our stopping place between selling our old house and the completion of our new house), is that there is NO WHERE to run and play! A necessity for little kids! So, I excused myself from the store, packed my kids in the van, and headed straight to Mr. Biggs where they played hard for HOURS! It was just what they needed!

GARDEN OF THE GODS October 19.2008
It was a gorgeous day, and the fall colors were just beautiful! Bella brought a little notepad & pen to take notes and draw pictures of everything she saw. Calvin was loving the freedom of being allowed to climb on everything, and Azure stopped every passer-by with a dog. What a refreshing break to our routine!

{taken by Azure}

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