Monday, November 17, 2008

BYU Game

Sat. Nov. 15 BYU vs. Air Force at Air Force
Dan & I had awesome seats in the BYU section with our friends from the Oakwood Ward (thanks Amy for coordinating the tickets!) and with Em & Kasey (who were our first house guests in our new house this weekend!), Jen, Kent, Meg and Deb.
We went sans kids, yippee! (thanks to Kaitlin who stepped in to babysit when our babysitter cancelled the day before!) It was so much fun to be out together, on such a beautiful November day (when was the last time there were beautiful days in November here? I love it!), and during a winning game! Go Cougs! Final score: BYU:38 AF:24

We were sitting RIGHT in front of the BYU cheerleaders, and I couldn't help missing Bella every time they did a crazy stunt (and they did lots of them) knowing that she would be flipping out watching them. She LOVES cheerleading! Here are a couple pics of her during the Liberty High School Football Game (10.02.08) that she cheered at (she did a little cheerleading clinic with them earlier). She loved every minute of the yelling, singing, jumping, cheering, dancing, clapping and attention! She taught Azure (who didn't meet the age limit) all of the cheers and they can still pump them out at a moment's notice. The only thing I noticed while watching the BYU cheerleaders though, is that all the girls are max height - 5'0". I have the feeling Bella may be just a snitch taller than we'll see how far her pro cheerleading dreams go - but she's having fun for now!

{video of "The Turkey Cheer"}

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