Friday, November 21, 2008

Azure's Blues

My sweet little Azure has some serious abandonement fears. I'm not sure where they came from, but this poor little girl has had a few difficult moments in our new home. It's quite a bit larger than our old house - so you can't hear everybody from every room in the house like we used to be able to. Every once in awhile, Azure panicks, and I mean PANICKS, thinking that we have all left her home alone because she can't hear us. It happened for about the tenth time today, when she was in the basement watching a show while I was in the computer room (about ten feet from where she was) working. All of the sudden, I hear her at the TOP of the stairs (she obviously didn't remember that I was in the room RIGHT next to her) screaming her poor little heart out. That girl has got some lungs, I tell ya.
She was screaming my name and racing, and panting, and then screaming, "Why did you leave me?!!!!" This all happened in about the 15 seconds it took me to run up to where she was, scoop her up and reassure her that I was here the whole time - but it makes me feel so bad for her. She honestly gets so scared that it takes her a good half hour to calm down. I guess there are a few drawbacks to having more space!


Joyana said...

yeah!!!! You're a blogger - it's a big blogger world and we love it! so glad you are here in our ward etc. - we love you guys! Nice job in the Christmas program - you all really did great! (bty..nice photos! thanks for the referral, your friend called me! you're great!)

Rachel. said...

poor az. that story ripped my heart. she is so tender.