Monday, November 17, 2008

Skating with Bella

I took Bella skating for her FIRST TIME ever on Friday while Azure was at school (Az was so bummed to miss it.) The local skating rink has a kids' class every Friday morning, and Bella's friend from school invited us to come with. It was so cute to watch her "skate". She's probably a little bit like me with things like this - so she was kind of timid - but she really did a good job.
She was the tallest kid out there, so at first, some cute little sisters came up to hold her hands looking for someone to help them - but quickly realized that wouldn't be the case. After the little girls both fell down at least 3 times, they ditched Bella, and found someone else to hang out with. Bella never fell - but she did a lot of "walking" on her skates so she didn't have much opportunity for face planting.
Great job Bella!

{she loves to smile & show off her missing tooth! Paige is her good buddy from Kindergarten}

{these are the sisters that were clinging to Bella at first}

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