Friday, December 3, 2010

Oprah & Me - 1987

My witty, talented, life of the party, friend Robin posted a TV review the other day, where she asked "How is it that Oprah looks better now than in 1987?"
If you question that it could possibly be true, here's the proof:

I for one, have never been an Oprah fan, but my first thought after reading Robin's querie was "Good for her! She really does look cute on the cover of her little O magazine." But then, these were the {not quite as nice} thoughts that followed...

#1 Well, money certainly can buy beauty.

#2 There's probably a lot of airbrushing involved.

#3. Shoot. I look better now than I did in 1987 too.

And who doesn't? I don't recall it being a great year for fashion. I mean, I was rocking an I Love Lasagna Garfield t-shirt, and some shaggy, uneven bangs {thanks to my stylist, dad}.

I went searching to find a photo of my 1987 self to prove this - and the only ones from that year were taken right after my I look even more tragic than normal.

The hands free party streamers are for my brother's birthday...and the black eye...that's a post in itself. {quick version: Shopping accident at JCPenney. Metal clothes rack through the eyelid, tissue and muscle. Lots of blood. One fainting store clerk. One trip to the ER. One surgery in California. One surgery in Oregon. One huge miracle that it didn't affect my vision. And one month of looking like a pirate in the third grade.}

But that aside, I think it's safe to say that yes, I indeed look better today than I did back in '87.
Take that Oprah, you're not the only one that gets better with age. But, check back with me in another 23 years...not sure if I'll be able to say the same then!


Robin said...

excellent post! That picture of you is priceless! It looks like one of those greeting cards with a clever caption.

Valeri said...

That's really funny. I can't stand Oprah, so this was even more satisfying to read.

Diana said...

you are adorable in this picture. lucky for me i don't have a scanner otherwise i might be inspired do a post like this one. i am happy to admit that indeed i look better now (pregnant and all) than when i was 7 and my bangs were cut clear back to the middle of my head and i had two amazingly large new front teeth, ridges and all, and a squinty eyed smile. oh thank goodness those days are gone. just remind me of that when i'm in misery in may :) love your christmas card, too. your kids are adorable but i especially want to squeeze emmett. i just love little boys when they are his age.

Hans and Michelle said...

Did you seriously walk into a metal clothing rack? How did it get there?! This story needs more details!

Corinn and Trent Seely said...

That picture of you is too awesome for words!! Love it. Oprah is the first to say that it takes a village of people to make her look that good. She looks completely different without makeup. I agree money can buy beauty. Thankfully I've improved since 87 as well. Good things to think about.