Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun While it Lasted

Well, the day has finally arrived. The much discussed, much feared, much gossip-ed about ward split finally happened today. I had heard so many rumors - but fiercely denied the possibility that our little neighborhood could possibly be divided. That sort of division just didn't make sense - so naturally, I chose to believe that it could never happen. Unfortunately, the Powers That Be did not agree with me. As it turns out - those same Powers believed it prudent that our little family, along with nine other little families in our ward should be exiled to the ward up the street. Really? Do they really need our ten little families? The dust hasn't quite settled, and I'm still fairly unsettled about the whole situation.
We moved to the tenth ward from a great ward we had lived in for nearly 8 years. That was home. We knew everybody - and it was just easy. We have only been in this ward for a short year and a half, but finally feel settled, and comfortbale, and at home again...just in time to have to start all over. Bah Humbug.
I truly am grateful for the opportunity to become so close, so quickly to our friends in Fairfax, as well as our friends across Research. It will be with wet eyes, and a knot in my stomach that I attend our new ward.
I have to say, that a large part of our connection to the Tenth ward has been through our fabulous calling. We have had the GREAT fortune of working with the young single adults for the last 16 months. I will be the first to admit, that when we were first assigned to this calling - I didn't quite understand it. I wasn't sure why we weren't encouraging the YSAs to attend the regular singles wards in town...but after we caught the vision, and realized how much fun we were having...I knew I would never want to give this job up! Dan & I got to serve together, and had a blast doing it. We laughed, and laughed every week during our YSA Sunday School class {best way to spend the gospel doctrine hour - hands down} and played and laughed even more every Sunday night when all the YSAs and their friends gathered at our home for a spiritual thought, dessert, and game night. We had great battles of Pictionary, Balderdash, Wits & Wagers, Bang, Ninja and even Swedish name a few.
Our kids LOVED the attention from their older friends, and cried their cute little eyes out each time someone moved away to go to school or leave on a mission. {You can imagine Bella's reaction when she heard today's news}.
I wish I had more pictures - there are so many people missing from these ones...but it at least gives you a feel for the fun, the laughter and the love that we got to be a part of every Sunday night. I really am going to miss it. Lots of love to my YSAs - you're welcome here any time!!! That goes for all of our tenth ward friends! Our door is always open! Actually, it's usually locked - but our doorbell works great - and we're always up for visitors! Love you all! {and if you give me just a snitch of advance notice - I will gladly whip up one of the many desserts I perfected over the last 16 months of Sunday night treat eating --- chocolate trifle anyone?}
Blue frosting for Mother's Day.
Beth & Tori made the dessert that night to give me a day off - so sweet!

Beth challenged Dan to armwrestling...hmm,
I can't remember who won.
Ashley brought her turtles to share

at Elitches - best activity EVER

Ashley's birthday

Eric hiding his face during an awkward Swedish Twister moment
Tyler's now famous eagle dive during the bag game.
You have to watch this video - that kid cracks me up!


Jen said...

That happened in our ward 6 months ago...I was on the staying end, but it just didn't feel good to any of us :( Hopefully you'll find a great new home in the new ward. But still...I'm sorry!!! Jen

Berly said...

It doesn't feel good on this end either....I am grateful to be with our ward still, but "why oh why" did they split our subdivision? Makes my heart hurt...

Julie said...

I'm so sorry! I'm guessing this means that you and the Carlson's aren't in the same ward anymore? How sad! I know how much you loved your YSA!!

Robin said...

I will miss seeing your beautiful face at church each week! But this will not end our contact with each other! You are just too wonderful for me to let go!

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